R.I.P Millie (I Will Always Miss You)

Chapter 1


by: Gymdogs
Millie... I'm sorry you left this earth. I wish this wasn't true. I wish this was all just a bad dream, and I would wake up, but things like this are never dreams. The worst things happen in life, not dreams. When I heard that you committed suicide a part of my heart died, a part of my soul left. I have died a bunch on the inside.


I know we weren't always on the same page, but you truly did mean alot to me. I miss you so much, I miss coming on here and having 20 invites to things you have made! I miss talking to you, talking about fun facts. Millie, I know you probably didn't consider me as a friend, but you were like my sister. I never knew what I'd do without you, but now I have to find out. Millie, you were amazing, spectacular. I know we didn't know each other for a long time, but I still think about the moments we had together, and I miss them.

Millie is now one of the millions of kids who commit suicide each year :''''''''''''''''(

R.I.P Millie (We will miss you forever)



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