The Past Becomes The Present.....(A Harry Potter Related Story)

This Story Is By Me, Wealsey_Team, kea_emalia, and TeamEdward_Peeta

Chapter 1

The Dream

Rain's POV

"Lulu,"I heard Rob say.
"Wake,"Bert continued.
"Up!,"finished Ed.
They are the only ones that call me Lulu, apart from my mum when she uses my full name.
"Going, hey what happened to your hair?,"I asked them noticing their blue hair.
"We were helping George with a product, and well, it bursted in our faces,"they replied laughing.
Grandmother always said that they were exactly like her older brother George and Fred. Sadly, Fred died many years ago, but she won't tell us why.
"You guys look great,"I told them giggling,"blue really fits you."
"Hey, we look good in anything,"said Ed making us laugh.
"Anyways, hurry up so we can go, therest are probably waiting for us,"exclaimed Rob, always so eager to go to Diagon Alley, it's his favorite place to be.
"Fine,"I said getting up as they walk out so I can cange.
We were all going to meet up at the Burrow, as usual. It's own by our great gandparents. I can't wait to Ellianna,Vivian, and Khristy. We are all enetering our fifth year, and we are close.
"Morning, sweetie,"my daddy, Albus, exclaimed as he hugged me.
"Morning, daddy,"I replied as he let go of me.
"Rain, did you pack everything?,"asked my mom, Lizzy.
"Yes, ma'am,"I replied.
"Looks like we are all set, let's go,"said my father grabbing the floo powder.

When we arraived half of the family was already there.
"Oh, good you're here,"exclaimed nana, Molly. She gave us all a hug and said were only waiting for James, and Lily.
"Hey, ready to get all our suplies,"Ellianna exclaimd as she walked towards me.
"Yes, can I tak to you in private?,"I asked, by the look on her face she already what I was about to ask.
"Yes, I had the dream last night,"she said letting out a huge sigh.
"Same here. Elli, don't you see, this has to mean something,"I excaimed," I mean, having the same dream for a whole month straight, ad a women's voice warning us that everything will change, that we would pay for our grandparents mistakes."
"I know Rain, but we can't tell anybody,"she said. I simply nodded as aunt Rose came to tell us that James and Lily were her, which means Khristy and Vivian were here. They've been having the dreams to, and we can't figure out what it means. We are afraid to tell anybody, simply because we are afraid the beeing called loony.
"Hi,"I said to Vivian and Khristy, before Ellianna or I even asked, they nodded. All four of us let out a huge sigh.
"So, who's ready to go to Diagon Alley?,"asked uncle James.
"I am!,"Rob exclaimed, making us smile.
"Then Diagon Alley it is,"said my dad grabbing the floo powder, again. Seemed like he's in charge of it or something.

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