The Missing Country (A Hetalia Story)

Goooooo PASTA!!!

Chapter 2

The Mansion

Authors Note: This story goes along with Hetaoni.

"Ecto Tras!" said Atlantis, shielding her face from the scorching sun. "Ve, it really is here!" exclaimed Italy, shielding his face as well. He was jumping up and down with excitement.
"It thought it was just a rumor...I never thought we'd actually find it..." said Japan in his usual calm manner. Atlantis smiled from her place in Japan's arms. "It has such a desolate feel...not bad." commented Prussia with his arms folded across his chest. Germany sighed. He had expected something a little more...abnormal.
'It's so...normal.' he thought, but out load he said, "It's not very interesting though." Atlantis frowned at Germany's tone. Japan sighed as well. "Can't we just look at it from the outside and then go back?" 'Thank God, someone agrees with me' thought Germany, but before he could say anything, Italy cut in. "Aw, after all the trouble we had to find it? C'mon, let’s just go in for a little while." Atlantis nodded in agreement. Auburn and sea-blue eyes met blue ones, pleading.
Germany sighed. "Fine, we can go in for a little while." "YAY!" squealed Atlantis, giggling. They walked into the mansion, Atlantis giggling and Italy happily skipping along. As soon as they entered, Germany began to hate giving in to Italy and Atlantis. "He...Hey, can we go now?" stuttered Germany, mentally face-palming himself.
"What's the matter, West? You scared?" taunted Prussia. Germany glared at his brother when suddenly a loud crash sounded. Everyone jumped and Japan held on to Atlantis tighter. "W...we should leave now." said Germany. "I'll go check it out." said Japan, walking off with Atlantis, leaving the others alone. Japan walked to the door at the end of the hallway after checking the other locked one. It opened easily at his touch. Atlantis buried her face in Japan's shirt.
"Is something wrong, Atlantis?" asked Japan. "Something doesn't feel right about this place." she said quietly, which was unusual for her. Japan looked puzzled but continued to look around. He just narrowly stopped hiself from stepping on broken china. Japan set Atlantis down and picked up a piece of the china. Japan looked back to Atlantis, when he saw that she had gone over to the kitchen cupboards.
"Atlantis, what are you doing?" asked Japan, opening the door for her since she was too small. Japan took a look around the room finding nothing. He closed it and picked back up Atlantis. "Come on, let's get back to the others." he said. Atlantis nodded and snuggled against him. When they got back, no one was there. "Did they leave after regrettable." said Japan to himself. Japan took a step towards the door but stopped when Atlantis quietly said, "It won't open."
Japan looked at her strangely and continued to the door. He tried to turn the knob but it wouldn't open. 'How did she know?' he thought. He turned away from the door and was startled by Atlantis when she jumped out of his arms. She ran straight past the stairs, Japan following her. Japan stopped short upon seeing tatami room with elegant shoji. He spotted Atlantis standing in front of a door.
"What is it, Atlantis?" he asked her. She turned to look at him.
"This door's locked too." she said. Japan sighed. Atlantis would probably be opening every door in the place. She grabbed Japan's hand and whimpered. "I don't like this place." she said. They walked back to the entrance and turned left. Suddenly they saw a grey creature. Japan froze, clutching Atlantis's hand tightly. His eyes looked down at her and saw she was staring wide eyed at the creature with a horrified expression.
Just as quickly it appeared, the creature disappeared. Japan let out a breath and took a shaky step forward. He picked up Atlantis again as she whimpered. "Eso calmi kano" she whispered. 'A Atlantean protection prayer from evil.' thought Japan. He walked with more steady steps now as he surveyed another door that led to a bathroom. "Well Atlantis, what have we got ourselves into?" he asked himself.

Authors Note: What do you think? Is it bad? Good?

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