love by time (loki fanfic)

16 earth years loki has spent waiting for the moment to come when he would return to midgaurd and find the very weapon he needs to rule. One of the Gaurdians of the nine realms.Loki had given a ring to a gaurdian who he had loved 70 earth years ago before she went to midgaurd on a mission to find the Tesseract .When he finds the ring he finds the Gaurdian he had loved no longer owns it but her grandaughter.

Chapter 4

All Questions no answers

Nobody was answering any of my question, as we sat in the helicopter the three of them kept replacing my questions with theirs.
"how did you get on that ship?" asked the guy with the arrows,
"I was kidnapped, who is he?" I replied,
"had you met him before?" asked the redhead,
"twice but who is he?"
"Fury, we found something you may want to see." said Captain America whilst holding his hand to his head,
"can some one tell me what's going on?" I asked, suddenly we landed, the large door opened to reveal a landing pad on another hover ship.
"what is this?" I asked, again no one answered my question.
"come with us." the redhead tells me as she got out. I quickly followed her, she walks towards the entrance of the ship. I followed her into what seemed to be the bridge.
"what is this?" I asked, again no one answered, I was lead to a circliar table with chairs, I sat down and waited. A man with an eye patch walked in with the redhead,
"this is her." said the redhead, the eye patched man sat down next to me.
" My name is Nick Fury and you must be the girl who jumped from that hovership to one of our helicopters." He introduced, ok not the best way to start.
"I'm Kirsty Thompson who just risked her life to get off that hovership and to get away from the man with the horned helmet." I replied, he stared at my bare feet.
"why were you on that hovership?" he asked, great. Another question.
"I was relaxing on air beach minding my own business then suddenly I got kidnapped by two strange men who took me into that thing were I got to speak to this man with a horned helmet who I had talked to a few times before then Captain America was spotted so I ran as fast as I could which is why I have no shoes on since you were staring at my feet. I saw him jump to that helicopter so I did the same hoping I would be safe and find out who the heck that man is." I suddenly heard thunder.
"That's Thor here Fury." Said Captain America as he came to the doorway Thor?
"Send him in. Maybe he can tell us what's going on." Nick stood up to go,
"Wait." I asked him he didn't listen and left with the Captain.
"You can't hide my dear." He's in my head. WHO IS THIS GUY?! As I sat dwelling in my own thoughts Nick came back with the Captain, a man with a blue glowing thing on his chest, the redhead, the guy with the arrows, a man with a pair of wire framed glasses and lastly a man with blonde hair that had a red cape, sliver armour and carried a large hammer in his hand. I looked at him, I feel like I've seen him before. Well. He certainly knew me by his expression,
"Who is this Fury?" The blonde man asked in a deep voice,
"I'm Kirsty." I tell him, this seems to shock him then his face went dark.
"Where did you get that?" He asked me. Everyone looks at him,
"Get what?" I ask him, he points at my ring,
"That. I know it's not yours where did you get it?"
"Thor. it's just a necklace." Said the Captain, So his name's Thor?
"I found it in my grans old jewellary box." I tell him,
"Take it off." Thor tells me,
"It's only a ring Thor." says The guy with the glowing chest,
"Can someone tell me what's going on?" I asked,
"Does my brother know of her?" Thor asks Nick. He's his brother.
"That pycho is your brother?" I ask him,
"He is not a pycho." He snapped,
"She said they had met a few times." she the redhead behind them, Thors face went grey, I don't think I'm going to like what he's going to say next.
"We need to get her away from here." he tells the others,
"I'm not going anywhere till someone tells me who he is and what he wants with me." I tell them, nick turn to the guy with the specks,
"Dr Banner. I think it's best if you take Kirsty somewhere else." He tell him, Banner gives a sigh then starts to walk over. I'm not leaving till they answer my question,
"Banner stop." I tell him, he stops in mid stride, everyone stares at him for a moment,
"Now sit down." I command him, he does so. Now everyone is looking at both of us,
"I release you." I tell him. He's snaps back with a fright since he had only been standing a moment ago.The room was silent,
"Now. Will someone tell me what is going on?"

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