love by time (loki fanfic)

16 earth years loki has spent waiting for the moment to come when he would return to midgaurd and find the very weapon he needs to rule. One of the Gaurdians of the nine realms.Loki had given a ring to a gaurdian who he had loved 70 earth years ago before she went to midgaurd on a mission to find the Tesseract .When he finds the ring he finds the Gaurdian he had loved no longer owns it but her grandaughter.

Chapter 3

The return

"So do you know who your Masked King was yet?" asked Louis as we set down our beach towels. It had been two weeks since the ball yet my mysterious partner still hadn't revealed himself. Strange. As Louis dug out her iPod I took my vest top off (but kept my shorts on) then began to wined the ring round my fingers, I still haven't taken the ring off from around my neck or have been spoken to in my head by my masked king.
"and why do you always wear that wired ring round your neck?" she asked, I shrugged, I didn't really know why. I lay down and began to stare at the sky.
"so how are you and Jordan getting on?" I asked hoping to change the subject, l
"we're on the rocks right now." she replied, the. Went into a large rant about how he never has time for her. I just zoned out and began to daydream about my masked king. How romanic he was, charming as well.
"Are you Miss Thompson." I hear someone in a deep voice, I look up to see two strange looking men looking down on me.
"yes. Is there a problem." these men were not dressed for the beach but more like for a secret mission.
"can you please stand up." second man asked, I stood up then placed my vest top back on since it was on top of my bag,
"Have I done something wrong?" I asked them, there expression showed no clue, suddenly a large hovership appeared in the sky. I heard screams of panic around me, I started to run but the two men grabbed my arms.
Louis had already began to run. I screamed to her for help for the two men were dragging me towards the ship. She turned round and tried to get to me but the crowds kept pulling her back. I kept screaming to her as my mind went into panic mode. What did they want with me? What were they going to do to me? Why me? I heard one of the men begin to speak into a earpiece,
"subject is in position for transfer." TRANSFER! Suddenly everything went white.
Seconds later we landed in a large room filled with computers and strange devices. I felt my legs give way from under me. The men let go of my arms which made me fall to the ground. The room was spinning but before I knew where I was the men grabbed both my arms and held them behind me. I felt like a prisoner.
"where am I?" I asked, niether of them answered,
"My dear, You do not need to worry. You are safe." that voice, the smooth voice I heard two weeks ago. He was here, I saw him in front of a huge window at the far front. I did I not see that? He had his back to me.
"Tell me where I am!" I demanded, he kept his back to me,
"you are on my ship high in the air where you are safe from those midgaurdians kirsty." he told me, ok. Now question two.
"do I get to know who you are now?" I asked, he turned to face me. He was wearing green and black clothes with golden armour and wore a large gold helmet with golden horns. It was him. The man who saved my life last year in new York. The man who caused my mums death,
"YOU!" I shout, I try to run at him but his men hold me down.
"LET GO OF ME NOW!" I shout at them, my trick that i used on my friends kick in then because they did what I asked. I storm at him in a blaze of pure fury. I don't know why but I held my left arm towards him ( like you do when you pretend to straggle someone from far away) but as I did so he suddenly flew into the air and was holding something unviable that was around his neck.
"you were the man in New York." I tell him, he makes a poor attempt at a nod. My felt my blood boil to a higher temperature.
"you watched as my mum died. IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT!" I screamed, he looked so calm as I stood squeezing the life out of him, which made me more mad.
"but I saved your life my dear." he replies coolly, be was right. He did. Suddenly red lights start to flash. I dropped him to the floor before a minion of his comes into the room,
"My king Captain America is on board." he informed us, Captain America. He could help me. I ran to the door ( or as quickly as you can in a pair of flip flops) but before I got out the doorway suddenly hundreds on him appeared at the door, which one was he? I quickly took my flip flops off and threw them at the two clones of him in front of the door. They were through them. Success! I ran through the doorway and took a quick right turn and sprinted now the hall. Thank you dad for making me do running club. I kept running as well as taking quick turns when I could,
"You can't hide from me kirsty." I hear in my head, don't stop running kirsty that's what he wants.
" you can't run forever my dear." I take a quick left turn then stop. I saw him. Captain America, he didnt see me but I could see that he was breaking down part of wall. Once he broke a large hole the wind from outside whistled loudly in my ears, he then took a few steps back, then ran through the hole! I ran to look where he went, he landed in a helicopter which had a large door open downwards which was slowly beginning to rise.
"kirsty please. Don't." was behind me or in my head? I decided I didn't want to find out. I took a few steps back then ran full force through the hole. For a moment I was in shock that I just did that but then suddenly positioned myself to go feet first. I just landed on the tip of the door which made me slide down into the helicopter. I did it. I got away. I sat for a moment caughting my breath then remembered where I was, I looked up to Captain America who was standing with a woman dressed in black who had red hair and a man who was also dressed in black with a sleeve of arrows on his back. I then saw their surprised expressions, well I did just jump from a hovership into a helicopter with a possible 3000ft drop to my death. I then remembered I was in a vest top and hot pants with no shoes on.
"Who's this?" the redhead asked the Captain he shrugged,
"I'm kirsty and can someone tell me who the hell is that man with the horned helmet?" I asked them.

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