love by time (loki fanfic)

16 earth years loki has spent waiting for the moment to come when he would return to midgaurd and find the very weapon he needs to rule. One of the Gaurdians of the nine realms.Loki had given a ring to a gaurdian who he had loved 70 earth years ago before she went to midgaurd on a mission to find the Tesseract .When he finds the ring he finds the Gaurdian he had loved no longer owns it but her grandaughter.

Chapter 21

A New Start

Dad? I stared at him frozen to where I was. He didn't look at me, everyone avoided looking at me.
"d-dad?" he looked up at me, he stood up. I ran as best as I could to him, he hugged me tightly, I began to cry tears of joy. He was here,
"It's ok. Everything is going to be ok." He whispered and just like that I felt like a normal kid again. I was just Kirsty nothing else, just little Kirsty from Glasgow. I didn't want to let go and nether did he.
After 5 minutes of just standing like that we let go and sat down.
"What are you doing here?" I asked him, everyone smiled,
"I'm here to take you home." Home. At long last I'm getting what I've always wanted yet,
"You said I couldn't come home till I was finished with my mad believes." Why could I come home now? Why not three years ago?
"Kirsty. I have regretted saying that everyday, I didn't know how complicated it was and how you didn't know anything about it before then. Nick phoned me the day you disappeared, I began to worry about you everyday then when that man took your sister........ I knew that I needed you back safe and sound." He explained, oh dad.
"I called him yesterday. With Loki on his way back to Asguard you are safe to go home." Nick explained,
"I can go home?" I smiled, I can go back to my old life. I then stopped smiling,
"What's wrong?" Rown asked, this is going to be hard.
"Dad. Rown. I can't go back home." They looked at me like I was insane,
"What?" Everyone at the table said in unison,
"It's been three years. I'm not the same girl who only cared about performing and getting a date for the ball. I need to start a new life somewhere where people won't ask where I've been." I explained, there was a long silence.
"Your right." Dad finally said.
"It would be too suspious for her to go back without anybody asking questions." Added Steve.
"So where do you want to go then?" My Dad asked, Now let's think.
"New York." I answered,
"New York. I'll be near all of you and since I've never been here no one will know." I explained, I looked at Dad and Rown.
"Well. Rown has to stay in Stirling to finish her university course. I need to stay in Glasgow cause of work but..." He took my hand,
"I will make sure that you have a great apartment and that you phone me once a week." I smiled, I hugged him tightly.
"Thank you dad." I whispered in his ear.
"Well then. let's get started then." He told me. The three of us stood up then. I looked over the avengers,
"I think this is good bye then." I said to them, they all stood up and each gave me a hug.
"Stop by Stark towers when ever."
"Will do."
"You stay safe now."
"If I can handle the Varina then I can handle anything Banner."
"See you around" Clint shook my hand,
"See you soon."
"It was great to have another girl around." Natasha hugged me,
"It was great to meet you."
"Your Grandmother would be proud." Thor told me, I hugged him tightly.
"Look after Loki for me." I told him, Finally it was time to say good bye to Steve.
"It's strange to think you are the same girl who had no shoes on and jumped a 10,000 foot drop onto the heilcopter." He laughed, I smiled.
"Steve I just want to say thank you." He looked at me with concern,
"For what?" I smiled,
"If it hadn't been for you I would still be in Norway running with the wolves." I told him,
"Your welcome." He replied, I hugged him tightly,
"I'm going to miss you."I said,
"We'll be in the same city. I'll visit when I can." He assured me. I smiled.
"Are you ready to go?" Asked my dad,
"Yes let's go." Time to start my new life as Kirsty Thompson The Third Guardian of the Nine Realms New Yorker.

Thanks everyone who has been reading this! I am going to write a sequal soon so watch out for it.

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