love by time (loki fanfic)

16 earth years loki has spent waiting for the moment to come when he would return to midgaurd and find the very weapon he needs to rule. One of the Gaurdians of the nine realms.Loki had given a ring to a gaurdian who he had loved 70 earth years ago before she went to midgaurd on a mission to find the Tesseract .When he finds the ring he finds the Gaurdian he had loved no longer owns it but her grandaughter.

Chapter 2

A dance with a mysterious man

we arrived at the ball a couple of minutes later. It was being held at the Gold Mile Hotel, it was large 3 star hotel that had a garden and a large function room which the ball was being held in. I hesitated n the car for a moment. This was it. six months of saving and planing for this moment, I saw some people walk by in ball gowns and tuxedos,
"Now kirsty. I want you to be safe tonight and enjoy every minute. You deserve it." my Dad told me, I gave him a smile then kissed his cheek. He smiled,
"go get them."He smiled, I got out the car then waved goodbye. I made my way into the hotel. It was everything I could of dreamed of, there were people dressed in wonderful gowns with all differant types of masks, most of them wore the ones that had the pole stuck to the side which meant you knew who they were. Spoil sports. As I walked by them I saw they were all staring at me, I gave them a smile then headed into the main hall. It was larger than I expected, small fairy lights hung from the ceiling, the hall had a dance floor in the centre with some chairs and tables surrounding the sides which were draped in red tablecloths, I spotted Louis and Sam with their dates on the dancer floor, Louis was in a soft gold gown with wide straps and wore a gold mask which was shaped like a sunset, Sam was dressed in a short black dress that had a turtle neck but no sleeves with it she had a plain black mask which she wore on top of her head. Since they haven't seen my dress yet I thought I would leave them with there dates,
" you looked beautiful my dear." I hear my mysterious voice again, it was louder than a whisper this time. I look round, he could be anyone.
"where are you?" I whisper, this game has to stop. I walk further into the hall taking everything in as I did so, like outside some people stared at me but I decided to ignore them this time. As I walked through the groups of people danceing I hear my favourite song come on, I saw couples on the dance floor beginning to slow dance. God how I wish I had a date.
"Care to dance." I hear the voice say but this time it was in my head but from right behind me. I turn to see a pair of dazzling green eyes looking at me, they were framed by a gold mask that had two small points at either side, the man grinned.
"Come lets dance." he says, it was his voice that was inside my head! He takes my hand then leads me onto the dance floor, I now see that he has hair the colour of a ravens feather and a black suit with a dark green tie. He places his free hand on my waist, I place my free hand on his shoulder then we begin to slow dance to the song. I feel a sense of happiness wash over me yet I don't even know who he is.
"So you are the mysterious voice?" I ask him,
"I'm afraid I am." he replied, he spins me,
"I see you wore the ring like I asked." he says looking at the ring. I blush, I forgot I still had it on.
"yes, why did you want me to wear it?" I asked, he looked into my eyes.
"so I knew I wasn't danceing with a midgaurdian." he told me, midgaurdian? He let out a soft laugh at my puzzled expression,
"a what?" I asked,
"Dosen't matter. All that does is that you have a wonderful night and are crowned queen kirsty." he tells me. How does he know my name?
"have we met before?" I ask him, his eyes sadden.
"we have met once before but I have known one for longer than you think." he tells me, god how I feel bad now. He shakes his head.
"Kirsty. Do you miss her?" he asks me. My heart began to ache, i know who he means. Mum.
"Everyday." I reply. His gives me a small dip then spins me again, as I spin I see that people are staring at us more.
"ignore them. They don't know a king and queen when their looking at them my dear." he tells me, I feel a chill go down my spine when he's says it. I don't know why. He only meant king and queen of the ball right? The song finished then, he let go of my waist then walked me out of the hall, he kissed my hand.
"until next time my dear." he said, he began to walk away.
"wait, don't go." I tell him, he keeps walking.
"stop." I tell him hoping my trick from earlier would work, he stopped momentarily then faced me.
"oh my dear, your gifts won't work on me." Gifts?
"I just don't want you to go.. Just yet." I confess, he had been so brilliant to dance with and I just didn't it to end. He walked closer to me,
"if that is what you wish." he smiles, we walk back into the hall to see Anthony making his way towards us.
" hey, may I have this dance." he asks me. Oh my god Anthony wants me to dance with him! I looked over to my mysterious date. I see that he is giving him a look that could kill.
"just one dance?" I ask hoping it might help.
"yes only a dance." he replies as if it was a stupid question.
"don't dance with him." he says in my head,
"one dance then he'll go away." I says in my head hoping he hears.
"sssooo?" he asks again, he holds out his hand and I take it. He leads me the dance floor and we start dancing to moves like jagger (which I don't have)
"so do I get to know who's behind the mask?" Anthony shouts over the music, well the plan of not being revealed is seeming to work.
"at midnight you can." I shout back, he laughs.
"so who's your friend over there. I don't think I've ever seen him before?" he asks.
"I don't know him either." I shout to him. He lifts me into the air. I clench my hands on his shoulders so I don't fall,
"don't you dare drop me!" I tell him, he placed me back on the ground. The song then finished.
"Well I better take you back to your date. I will see you at midnight." He told me, He takes my hand then leads me back to my partner,
"Like I promised just one dance." Were Anthony's last words before he walked off. My partner gave a sigh,
"Kind I ask who you even are since you aready seem to know me." I ask him. He smiled at me.
"All will be explained in time my dear." He tells me. suddenly the music was disconnected, everyone looked over to where the DJ was to see Mr Pearson our head master holding a mic.
"Attenion seniors. it is 10 minutes till midnight. As you know it is now time to announce this year's masked king and queen, as most of you know to keep with the theme we land a spotlight on the king and queen so to keep the mystery of the masquerade." He explains the moment has come. the moment I've waited for. Please let it be me please.
"I can't watch." I whisper,
"Our Masked King is." Mr Pearson began. suddenly the spotlight hit my partner. I couldn't help but laugh at his deer caught in the headlight expression, within moments of the light hitting him he was lead to the stage.
"And now our Masked Queen is." Oh God. there was a moment of utter silence.
"It will be you." I hear my partner's voice ring in my head. Suddenly I'm blinded by a bright light. It takes me a moment to realise that the spotlight..... IS ON ME! ME! I suddenly was ushered to the stage with my partner. They gently placed the beautiful tiara on my head, they placed a crown on my partners head.
"And now for the Masked King and Queen slow dance." Annonced Mr Pearson, my partner took my hand and lead me to the dance floor, my blood was pumping loudly in my ears. He held me close as we danced.I rested my head on his shoulder,
"kirsty. Do you really want this? To be their queen?" he whispers,
"if it means I can live in this moment forever then yes." I whisper back. The world around me slowly vanished to nothing but us dancing, how nothing like this could ever be better. As the music ended he held me tight.
"I can't stay any longer but I promise you will see me again my dear." he whisper as he let go of my waist then kiss my hand like last time, he let me go slowly till only our finger tips were touching then turned and left. I felt my heart melt like butter, how could someone as charming as him be at my school and go unnoticed? As I stood in my trance like state staring at where where he stood I was snapped back by everyone around me counting down from 5. Suddenly everyone cheered then began to take their masks off. Suddenly Anthony ran over to me,
"you promised to tell me who you were at midnight." He told me, he gently untied my mask and took it off. Well he certainly got a surprise by the expression on his face.
"kirsty?" he questioned. I nodded,
"surprised?" I asked,
"very but in a good way." he replies, he looks round,
"so who was your king then?" actually that is what I'm still wondering.

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