love by time (loki fanfic)

16 earth years loki has spent waiting for the moment to come when he would return to midgaurd and find the very weapon he needs to rule. One of the Gaurdians of the nine realms.Loki had given a ring to a gaurdian who he had loved 70 earth years ago before she went to midgaurd on a mission to find the Tesseract .When he finds the ring he finds the Gaurdian he had loved no longer owns it but her grandaughter.

Chapter 19

a moment of joy and saddness

My vision slowly started to go into focus. I saw stark rand Steve above me, I slowly turned my head to the side to see a sight that almost broke my heart.
It was Loki sobbing on my sisters shoulder who I think is no longer under Loki's control, I also saw Thor kneeling next to him as if comforting him.
"Brother I'm sorry." Thor said to Loki.
"There is no need to be. It was my fault." Loki sobbed,
"I think part of it was also my own." I struggled to say. I was still in a lot of pain but it was easier to handle. Loki and Rown's heads both shot up at the sound of my voice, everyone seemed amazed at me talking. Loki and Rown came to my side in an instant and held both of my hands.
"But it's impossible." questioned Steve
"She should be dead." stark added,
"it would kill anyone by one touch." I saw that Banner was behind Steve.
"Any mortal." I corrected, everyone looked at me like I had grown three horns.
"My spirt went to asguard. Odin was there and he proclaimed me guardian of the Third realm. With the title comes immortality." I explained, Rown hugged me tightly which did hurt.
"Where have you been. You've made me think that you were dead now twice." she sobbed, I tried to hug her back just as tightly. I can't believe she's here. I felt tears sting my eyes but I held them back.
"I'm happy your ok." I told her, she have Loki an evil look.
"No thanks to him." she spat, Loki gave her the look back,
"Your the reason my sister almost killed herself!" she hissed at him,
"I don't think this is the correct time to discuss this." he snapped, she slapped him. His face hardened like stone then. Thor grabbed his shoulder,
"Brother don't." he commanded, I got Rown to help me sit up. I know what Loki was about to do, I grabbed his hand tightly.
"Loki please. Don't." I gently asked him, He looked at me then sighed. Thor handcuffed him then, Steve gently picked me up bridal style. I saw the sadness in Loki's face.
"Steve can I get closer to Loki." he hesitated then walked closer to Loki, I held his face in my hands.
"I will wait for you my love." I looked him in the eyes so he knew it was true. He gave a sad smile.
"If I can wait 70 years to meet I can wait till I get to be with you." I hugged him tightly then stark and Thor lead him away.
Rown looked at me like I was crazy,
"I'll explain later." I told her, Steve began to carry me out of the ship and onto a helicopter where I was checked over by some paramedics. They told me to rest and that I should be up and should be back to my old self in a day or two, I saw through one of the windows Loki being lead onto another helicopter.
"I love you." he spoke in my head.
"I love you too." I whispered, Rown sat next to me and held my hand as the helicopter took off.
We sat in silence as we flew to Shield. When we got there I was taken to my room with my sister. When we arrived my sister sat at the other side of the room, I lay down on my bed. I don't know when I'll see him again. I wonder if he is back on asguard? What will Loki's punishment be?
"So where have you been for the past two years?" Rown asked at long last,
"living in a Forrest in Norway. It was my fault, no one knew where I was." I answered,
"Why didn't you get help?" this was going to be hard to explain.
"You know why." I simply said,
"No I don't. All I know is that after that loony came to uni you disappeared off the face of the earth till I saw you today DEAD!"
"He's not a loony! He's just not in a good place. Didn't dad tell you what he said?" I snapped,
"He is kirsty! He's the reason you almost died and he also used his mind control on me."
"it wasn't his fault for my almost death. It was the only way to destroy the device. It could only be stopped if t had an alternative place to go. Which was me. And the device could only be used by me and my powers." I shouted,
"what?" she seemed taken a back by what I had said,
"The night of the ball he asked me if I wanted to be his queen and I said yes not knowing that he would create all this. Only I had the power to control that device, he would of never been able to use it if I wasn't there." I explaned. she sat down for a moment.
"What did dad say?" She asked quietly, I looked at her. Ever since mum died she had been so strong.she would always be there for me, never let anything get in her way but for the first time ever I felt like I was the older sister because I just wanted to protect her form everything.
"Dad said I could come home when I was finished with all this craziness. He never even said goodbye to me. he just told nick that then left."
"And that's why you never came home?" I nodded, 
"Kirsty. I know dad never meant it. He misses you dearly. He's been a shadow of his old self since you've left please come home." oh to go home. To be a normal 18 year old. To live a normal life. I can never have that now, my future has been decided, no turning back for me. Maybe I could go home and make amends with dad. Actually say good bye even.
"I want to but I can't go back to a normal life now. I'm immortal now." I hated myself for saying that.
"Well you could still make amends with dad even if you are immortal." 
"I talk to Fury. But I can't promise anything." I told her, she smiled. Thor came in then,
"Loki wants to see you before we leave." he tells me. He's still here! I called son into my hand and made it change into a walking stick to give me support as I stood up,
"Kirsty?" oh Rown doesn't know how I feel about him.
"Rown please try and understand. Its more complicated than it seems." I quickly told her.
"You like him?!"she gasped. I quickly headed out the door before I could hear her rejection against it, 
"Does she not know?" asked Thor as he lead me along slowly as it was a hard struggle to walk along,
"She hasn't quite come round yet." I replied, 
"I understand why but if your sister loves you she'll come round." we arrived at steel plated door then. I could see the uncertainty on Thor's face about the door. I squeezed his shoulder (which was a bit out of reach!) 
"He's just in a bad place. We can't give up hope." I comforted him, he looked down at me.
"I hope your right." he whispered, he opened the door then. I walked inside.

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