In the Wolfs Heart

Silver,a small gray pup from Sky Pack, takes the day off as she walks around her territory. At the border,she is startled by what she finds. It's sick,rude,and irritable. But Silver's good natured side takes over. Even thought the black and white pup may be a little bitter.

Also,sorry for all the incorrect grammer and punctuation. It was a while back when I wrote this. Also,there are a few spots that are of a character thinking to him or herself. It is supposed to be in a different font,but

Chapter 1

Part 2

The sun was high above the sky,hot on Silver's light gray fur as she stalked along the border of her pack's territory.She kicked the dirt under her paws. There was hardley any grass or trees around this part of the territory.
I hate it when my pack treats me like a pup just because i'm not growing much. So what if i'm short? I'm still strong and smart. I'm lucky mom even let me go this far away from base alone. Why does she always-

Silver's thoughts were cut off by something she smelled. She pricked her ears,alert for any sound. What was that smell? It seemed familiar to her,but she couldn't quite remember what it was.
She then pictured a dark gray wolf laying still after a battle. He had deep wounds,and his fur was covered in blood.
Silver was surprised by the memory,but she brushed that aside when she realized what the smell was.


She used her nose to guid her to the blood. What if one of her packmates were hurt? She ran forward,not noticing when she crossed the border of her territory. Finally she found it.
She stared in shock at a young wolf laying limp near a shadey tree,his fur was covered in blood. At first sight she thought of the dark gray wolf again,thinking it was him. But she pushed the thought away. That wolf was dead. Besides,this wolf's fur was black,not dark gray. And he had a white underbelly.
What should I do? He seems to have lost a lot of blood,and he looks rough and underweight. Mom won't want him laying there so close to the border. I'll go and report to her.
But before she turned away,she noticed his flanks rise,then fall. Wait,he's alive!
She rushed to his side and nudged his cheek with her nose.
"Hey,wake up! Come on,get up. Say something" She tried to get him to respond,but all he did was grunt. Looking closer at his fur,she realized the blood was dry so he must have stopped bleeding a while ago. She nudged him again and this time he opened his eyes into green slits.
He took in a big breath then let it out. Opening his eyes more,he looked at her.
"Can I help you?" He asked,his voice was dry from lack of water.
"Hey,are you okay? Can you stand? Are you hurt? Are you a loner? What's your name?" Silver asked quickly,letting her blabbering nature take over.
The black and white wolf sat up slowly and looked at her through dull eyes "Slow down. Before introductions,are you going to be helpful at all? I'm going to die if I don't get some water soon. If you can't help me,then leave."
Silver was a bit taken back by his rude words,but she guessed it was because of the condition he was in "Of course i'll be helpful. I know where a river is! Fallow me,th-that is,if you can walk."
He grunted and stood up "I can walk just fine."

He fallowed Silver slowly,trying not to drag along. Silver tried to let him use her shoulder as support,even though he was bigger than her,but he said he was fine.
"Well if you're so 'fine' and 'perfect' why are you half-starved and stumbling all over the place? And couldn't you smell the river? Why would you just lay down to die if you could smell water up ahead?" Silver asked,annoyed at his attitude.
"If you must know,yes I did smell the water,but I couldn't tell where it was.I noticed there was a border there too,so I didn't want to tresspass on another wolfs territory. I needed a rest from walking so far in this heat anyway so I layed down next to that tree. I fell asleep,then was woken up by you" he growled irritably. Why couldn't she just be quiet and show him the way?
"Oh,okay. Well we're almost there. My name is Silver by the way,what's your name?"
He sighed "Vence."

After getting out of the sun and under the shade of the trees,Vence started feeling a little better. He felt even better after they reached the river. It was a secure little place,and green with life. The water was trapped in a small,clear pond with tall trees and other plants growing around it. He hardley felt the heat of the sun here,and the ground was damp aswell. There was a small gap between a set of large stones where the water was coming from. On the other side of the pool was what looked like a halfway finished dam,which was where the water flowed away.The rest of the water was still for the most part. After he got a drink he tried to wash the blood from his fur,and cool off while doing it.
"Hey,I drink from that river,stop getting your blood in it!" Silver joked.

"The blood is washing away with the current,no need to worry your pretty little mind. Besides,i'm just cooling off. I don't want to die of heat-stroke."
Silver sat on the damp grass beside the river. "So are you a loner?"
"Yeah,what else would I be?
"Well,earlier you mentioned not wanting to tresspass on this pack's territory,so you seem to have respect for borders. Have you ever been in a pack?"
"Yes,but it was-" Vence stopped. He was about to tell her what happened to his pack,but he didn't want her to take it as a sign of weakness. And frankly he wasn't fond of the memory. "I mean,I left them."
"What,why?" Silver asked. She seemed genuinely interested,but before he could answer he felt something touch his paw. He looked down at the water and noticed a fish swim by. He instantly dived at it,but the fish had already dissapeared passed the broken dam.

"Darn it." He muttered to himself.
"Hey,what was it?" Silver asked.
"Just a fish,but it got away." Vence said,just now realizing how hungry he was. Silver stood up and wagged her tail.
"You won't catch fish like that! Let me show you how it's done!" she laughed happily.
Vence tried to protest,but she wouldn't listen. She crept into the water beside him and stared at the water.
She acts like she's an expert,but the way she moves around in the water will scare the fish.Doesn't she know anything?I guess she has to do that,she is pretty short
After a minute he said to her "Hey,you don't have to try and show off. I know how to fish,it just got away last time."
Just then she spotted a fish near the broken dam and jumped at it without thinking.
"Silver no!" he yeld,but he was too late. She already crashed into what was left of the dam and went tumbling down past the bushes that covered the gap. He heard her yelp and he jumped through the bushes that she dissapeared behind.
He fell into the water almost as soon as he jumped,but the water was deeper than he thought it would be.
Here the current was stronger,but it wasn't impossible to swim in.
His eyes burned as he opened them while he was still underwater. He looked,but couldn't find her. He swam up for air and looked around as he gasped for breath.
Finally he saw a spotted gray head bobbing from the water. He swam over to it,letting the current help him. Silver's head dipped back in the water,so Vence dived in and grabbed her scruff.
It wasn't easy to carry her weight plus his own,and his lack of strength didn't help much. His lungs felt like they were going to burst,but he didn't let go of her for a breath. He new he wasn't going to drown,though. He wasn't that weak.

Finally,he made it to the rocky shore,dragging Silver with him. He slumped down on the grass taking in huge gasps of breath. He felt the sun's ray on his pelt,and he noticed how open they were again. Here the plants weren't as clumped together and the sun's rays were no longer hidden. He looked over at silver who was laying beside him. She was coughing up water,but she still wasn't breathing.
Vence sat up and pressed his forepaws against her pale gray belly. She coughed up more water and started breathing again.

I shouldn't be so tired and out of breath. Where has my strength gone?

Then he noticed how his fur clinged to his ribs. It was worse since he was soaking wet,but not a lot worse.
Silver finally started to sit up and shook the water from her fur,spraying droplets everywhere.
"Th-thank you,Vence. For saving me" She said between breaths.
"You idiot,what were you thinking? Don't you know enough not to jump over drop-offs?" He growled,suddenly angry.
"I know,I know" she sighed "I was just trying to catch a fish for you. It's not like I meant to nearly drown."
"Well,maybe next time you should think before you act-" Right as Vence said that they heard paws pounding through the forest behind them,and a second later another bounded over to them.
She was a big wolf with light gray fur and pale blue eyes like Silver.
"Silver,there you are! You said you wouldn't be gone long,what happened?" she panted.

Silver stood up and faced her "Calm down mom. I'm fine. Stop treating my like a pup!I can take care of myself!"
Vence snorted,and Silver's mom looked at him.
"Who's this?"
Silver walked back over to him "Oh,this is Vence. I met him at the border. He was nearly dead when I met him so I brough him here to get a drink."
Her mom looked Vence up and down "You're both soaking wet,what happened?"
"W-Well,um..." Silver started but Vence interupted her.
"This clumsy furball fell into the river so I had to go save her" He said. Silver gave him a look,but stayed queit for once.
"I see. I am Star,Alpha of the Pack of Sky. Thank you for saving my daughter,it must have been hard carrying her through the water in your condition. Come with me,my pack will help you."

Vence stood and shook himself off. "Don't worry about it,I don't need help." He muttered. Silver rolled her eyes and Star turned around "This is not the time for you to be stubborn,Vence. You are in no health to be out alone in this heat. Come with us. As alpha,I outrank you,so that's an order."
Though she spoke out of authority,Vence could hear the friendliness and concern in her voice. He dipped his head to her and fallowed her through the trees with Silver walking beside him.


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