The Most Random Chain Story EVER!!!!

If you don't know, here's how to write a chain story. I'm going to start by writing a paragraph, and I get to pass the story on to a person who, for this sake, will be called Sam. After Sam writes her paragraph she gets to pass it on to a new person, and so forth. If you wanna write the next chapter, comment. If you wanna write the next chapter but someone got there before you, reply to their comment so they can pass it to you when they're done. Or something. Just let them know. Message them.

Chapter 1

My Paragraph (yes, each chapter must be a single paragraph)

There once was a rainbow, sparkly snake called Bob. He lived in an ordinary house, owned by a little boy named Tommy. Little did Tommy know that Bob was actually a super secret super spy with MAGICAL POWERS! Yay! So.. One day Bob went to the country of Wheretheheckistan...

Comment if you wanna write :)

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