You Cast A Spell On Me (Harry Potter Group Story)

Weasley twins love story. Written by me (STOPKONY), hnardiello, and volleyballgirl527. Pwease comment!!!!!!

Chapter 3


by: Apathy_
I grinned. Grinned like an idiot. Luckily Samantha managed to signal to me that I looked like a cheesy teenager in a bad commercial before George saw me. I think Fred saw me, but I didn't really care what he thought of me. As long as he didn't tell George. Immediately I started panicking. What if he told George? What if George thought I was stupid? What if he HATED me?!
"Huh? What?" I said, looking around wildly. George, Fred and Samantha were all looking at me.
"I said 'what did you do over the summer?'" said Fred. Ugh. Why couldn't it have been George?
"Oh, nothing really..."
Fred was so annoying. Why couldn't he just go off somewhere with Samantha and leave me and George alone together? She'd like that. She'd always loved Fred. She just never admitted it. Hold it. Hold. EVERYTHING.
George was looking at Samantha. And I mean looking looking. He was checking her out! No! Not fair!
"So what did you guys do over the summer?"
My question was directed at George to get him to stop staring at my best friend, but naturally Fred answered, giving George even more time to stare at Samantha.
"We went to the Quidditch World Cup."
"Really? So did we," I said absently. George frowned and turned to me.
"But you just said you didn't do anything," he pointed out. And naturally all I could do was sit there and stare into his perfect deep brown eyes... Stupid, stupid, stupid!
"Um... Yeah, um, Victory's just tired," Samantha said, something which I was both grateful for and mad at her for. Grateful because it made George stop looking at me when I was acting like an idiot. And angry 'cause now he was focusing on her again. Just my luck...
"Whatcha doin' talking to the Weasels, Vic?"
Draco Malfoy appeared in the door of our compartment, leering at me.
"Get lost, freakshow," I snarled. "Or would you like me to make you?"
Malfoy turned bright red. "Don't threaten me," he hissed. I stood up, making my height (or lack thereof) obvious. He grinned at me.
"Look at that, Vic," he said softly. "Almost as tall as me now." He smiled threateningly. I with drew my wand from my pocket. He paled slightly. I was more skilled at spell work than he was.
"Any more smart comments to make, Malfoy?" I asked sweetly. He glared at me.
"Just one."
"Aw, that's too bad," I said. "Cause we ain't ever gonna hear it. Avis."

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