You Cast A Spell On Me (Harry Potter Group Story)

Weasley twins love story. Written by me (STOPKONY), hnardiello, and volleyballgirl527. Pwease comment!!!!!!

Chapter 2


Name: Samantha Moon
age: 16
year: 6th
personality: kind, brave, smart, stubborn, sarcastic, funny, modest, reliable, can get mad when you mess with friends
looks: bright green eyes, wavy brown hair a little past shoulders, tall, slender
house: Gryffindor
loyalties: Harry, Order, Dumbledore


I sighed as I tried to wait patiently for my best friend Victory..She was drooling over someone though.

I hissed: "Come on Vic, Hurry up!"

She shook her head and I sighed

me: "Vic!"

Victory: "Oops. Yeah. Sorry, Sam"

She grinned at me. I sighed. I hate that nickname.. the only people who can get a way with it is the twins and Victory. You see Victory is my best friend and in slytherin, while I am in gryffindor. She is one of the few slytherins I can stand.

I sighed: "Victory!"

Victory: "Oh right! Sorry, Sam, just day dreaming"

I sighed: "As usual! who about this time? Le me guess...Um.. A Wasley? George Weasley to be exact. Of course Who else?"

Victory smiled at me: "Okay, okay I am moving! Just shut it in case someone hears you!"

I followed Victoria and I heard Monique's voice. great. just great..just what i needed

Victory: "How are you Monique?"

Monique: "Great! I'm great! Wonderful, actually! I'm brilliant! Fantastic! Couldn't be better! What about you? How are you?How was your summer? And how was yours, Sam?"

I grimaced again and glared at her slightly.

Monique: "Mine was great, we went to France and then we went to our house, and my cousins came, and it was sooooo much fun, and..."

Soon I just blanked out. Finally Monique left and Victory and I went to find a place to sit. Every place was full expect for one. With the Weasley Twins. I looked at Victory and just pulled her in. I sat next to Fred and smiled at him. I let Victory sit with george since she is in LOVE with him.

me: "uh hey it okay if we sit here?"

George and Fred: "of course.. and hey guys"

I chuckled and looked at Victory to see what she would say next.

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