You Cast A Spell On Me (Harry Potter Group Story)

Weasley twins love story. Written by me (STOPKONY), hnardiello, and volleyballgirl527. Pwease comment!!!!!!

Chapter 15


I looked out into the darkness and asked, "Where d'ya think they're gone?"

Victory shrugged, "I don't know, to prank some first years? You know what they're like"

I shook my head uncertain, "I don't know Victory. They seemed kinda suspicious"

She snorted, "Fred and George? Suspicious? Pull the other one, Sam. Since when were they the suspicious type?"

I just shrugged again, "just a feeling. I'm probably wrong, anyway. They don't really keep secrets do they"

but I wasn't so sure

Victory tried to be helpful, "it's probably just the thought of our impending death if we get into the TriWizard Tournament"

I smiled, "probably"

We soon got to the Great Hall and I looked around no twins Victory and I said good bye before taking our separate directions to our house tables. Since Fred and George weren't here I sat down with Angelina, Alicia, Katie and a few other girls.

I pushed my hair out of my face and forced a smile before Dumbledore's booming voice began. I sighed and looked up to the front, bracing for the normal welcome back and normal first year sorting.

Midway through the sorting, Angelina leaned over, "Where's Fred"

I frowned, "with George"

She eyed me, "something wrong"

I shook my head, "course not"

the only person who knew my crush was Victory. Don't get so defensive about Fred Sam.

Angelina slowly nodded and turned her head back to Dumbledore. Alicia gave me a funny look and I sighed and peered over to the Slytherin table wondering what Victory was thinking about.

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