Just My Luck (one direction )

Just My Luck (one direction )

Short black hair
Tall and slim
Job- Model
doesn't have any friends but it doesn't worry her.

Chapter 3

Party Game

I woke up and decided not to go to work today,so I called my boss and got the day off easily.I walked out and found the boys still sleeping,It was really cute so I decided to make breakfeast ; pancakes,toast , chopped fruits and carrots.
"mmmmm Food" I turned to see Niall.
"Oh I thought you would wake up once you smelt my cooking" I said smiling.
"CARROTS" I didn't even have to look who said that.
So eventually the boys got up and I went for a shower, got dressed and cleaned up.
"Do you need any help" I looked up and saw Harry was the one asking.
"You can help if you want but I can manage on my own" I said smiling.
I cleaned and Harry helped even though I didn't need help.
"So are you working today" Harry asked as we finished.
"Nope" I said popping the "P" .
"Oh well we should all hangout later" he said looking at the boys.
"Yeah.......well I don't have anything to do except shopping.......I think Niall ate all the food except the carrots.......but lou probably ate those" I said laughing.
The boys started laughing and we agreed to hangout later.
" Well do you need me to take you guys anywhere?" I asked.
"Ahh No we have someone to pick us up" Liam said smiling.
We all walked out and left , I went shopping and brought Heaps of stuff just in case Niall comes over again.I went home and unpacked then my phone rang.
"Hey Ellie it's me Harry"
"Harry how did you......don't worry, What's up" I said slightly smiling at the fact that Harry had my number.
"Well we were wondering if your home so we can come hangout"
"Yeah I'm home come over"
"Cool we'll be there soon"
"Yeah okay bye"
End of convo
I ordered pizza,Nando's and made food for the boys just as I finished I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door to find the boys standing there smiling.
"I SMELL FOOD" Niall said walking in.
I laghed as the other boys walked in.
"So what are we going to do?" I asked
"I have an idea" Zayn said with a huge smile on his face.
"No. Not yet" Lou said smacking him in the head.
I had no idea what just happened so I just smiled."We could.......Play COD" I mentioned.
"Good idea" the boys said setting up the game.
"Boys I have to warn you that I am very good at this game........and when I say very well I mean......VERY" I said smiling.
The boys laughed and we all made bets.......well lets just say the boys regretted it in the end. I laughed as they handed me there bet money.
"How are you that good?" Zayn said as the other boys turned to look at me.
"I have nothing to do when I'm not at work so I play COD" I smiled and sat beside Niall and went to grab a chip but he smacked my hand.
"Hey" I said looking at him
"Hey what? There mine" Niall said smiling
"Oh really" I said raising an eyebrow.
"Yes really so what are you going to do about it!" He said as the boys started chanting "FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT"
"Do you really want to go down this road Niall" I said warning him
"Yep" he said smiling
I snatched the chips and then pushed him off the chair.
"well..................looks like their mine now" I said smiling .
"Whatever" he mumble as he walked over to the kitched.
We watched movies and talked as it got later in the day I mostly spent time with Harry .
"Can we play my game now" Zayn said smiling.
"What's the game" I said looking confused.
"Truth or Dare" he said smiling.
"Fine" I said knowing I would probably regret my choice.
We sat down and Harry sat beside me.
"Zayn your going because this is you game"
"Okay Harry truth or dare" Zayn said smiling.
"Dare" Harry said sitting back.
" I dare you too kiss Ellie on the lips and you have to mean it" Zayn said with a huge smile on his face.
I looked up at Harry who had his face right in front of mine staring into my eyes then soon his lips crashed into mine making me fall backwards with him falling on top of me.
"Well I didn't tell you to go that far" Zayn said as I sat up.
We went on with the game asking random and funny questions and doing childish dares then it kind of got boring.
"Okay everyone last one" Niall said smiling.
"Okay go" I said.
"Harry and Ellie truth or dare" He said smiling.
" But-" I was interupted by Niall
"I said truth or dare" He said looking at us.
"Dare" Harry aswered for both of us.....................great another kissing dare I thought.
"I dare you both to go to the closet and find something pink" He said smiling.
We all stood up and we walked into the closet.
"BANG" they had locked me and Harry in.
"Have fun in there for the night" I heard Niall say while the others laughed.
'Grrrrrrrrrr' I thought to myself how could I have fallen for that............Hey but look on the bright side it was with Harry I had a crush on him and I had the best time when he got dared to kiss me.
"Soooo I know this is going to sound weird but I just wanted to tell you I have a crush oon you and it's not because your famous,in a band its because your personality and just who you are" I said sitting down beside him
"Really" he asked sounding surprissed
"Yep really" I said.

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