Just My Luck (one direction )

Just My Luck (one direction )

Short black hair
Tall and slim
Job- Model
doesn't have any friends but it doesn't worry her.

Chapter 2

The Fair

I walked down stairs with Harry talking about random things. I stopped and looked at Harry "do you want to walk to the fair or drive?" I asked.
"Let's walk" he said holding my hand.
'OMG Harry Styles is holding my hand' is all I could think.
We walked through the park and talked about.....well what seemed like everything, I don't know what it was about Harry but he made me feel happy.
"So you have told me you’re a model, where are all your hot friends" he said smiling.
"Ahhh.......I don't have any friends" I managed to say. I didn't mind that I had no friend it's just sometimes I wished I could have a friend around to talk to.
"What? How do you not have friends look at you" he said looking confused.
"I have no clue maybe it's because I'm always working. Look!" I said to Harry as we headed up to the fair gates.
"It's beautiful, come on we have to go everywhere" he said pulling me along.
I laughed as I tried to keep my balance; maybe it wasn't the best idea to wear stilettos. We walked around going to get fairy floss, ice cream, drinks and other things.
"Omg, It’s so beautiful" I said as I looked at a handmade necklace, it was purple and black my two favourite colours.
"You should buy it” Harry said smiling.
"Nahh I'm just going to get a drink" I said walking away from Harry.
Eventually Harry came over to me and we decided to go on the Ferris wheel.
"So Harry what are you doing here, Shouldn't you be planning for a concert or something?" I asked when we were in the Ferris wheel.
"Well we needed a break from everything for a while".
"Oh I see I'm glad you chose to come here" I said slightly blushing.
"And why is that" he said sounding confused.
"Well I might have never had the luck of meeting you, since I have a busy job and I wouldn't have time to go to one of your concerts" I said sounding disappointed.
"Yeah well..... I'm glad I have had the pleasure of meeting you" he said smiling.
I didn't know what to say, all I knew was I was blushing so much my cheeks were burning.
"You know it's cute when you do that" Harry said looking at me.
"Doing what?" I asked as we hopped out of the Ferris wheel.
"When you blush" he said smiling.
"Oh so you caught that" I said embarrassed.
He laughed and nodded his head.
We walked around and brought some food then walked home as we noticed it was getting late.
"Well it's a good thing we brought some food for the boys" I said as we walked up the stairs.
"Yes very true, could you imagine if we didn't?" he asked.
I smiled and nodded my head as we walked inside.
"Your back, and you brought FOOD" Niall said running over.
"Just in time for a movie" Zayn said as I watched him out Shrek.
We sat and watched the movie and laughed about most of the movies.
"Alright boys I’m going to bed" I said getting up .
"Night" they said as I stood up.
"Oh boys there's a spare room down the hall on the left, bathrooms on the right and if you need me my bedroom is straight down the hallway" I said as I walked to my room.
"Hey"I heard someone say.
I turned to see Harry at my door "Hey, you need something?" I asked as i took my shoes off.
"No I just wanted to give you this" He said placing a box in my hand "Oh and goodnight" he said kissing me on the cheek.
I watched him walk out and I closed my door. “No” I said out loud as I looked at the necklace that I had wanted at the fair.
I looked at the bag as I noticed there was a note ' This is for letting us stay and for letting me take you to the fair' I looked at it and placed it on my bedside table.
I walked to the bathroom and had a shower and changed into my PJ's then went to sleep dreaming about my night at "The Fair".

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