Just My Luck (one direction )

Just My Luck (one direction )

Short black hair
Tall and slim
Job- Model
doesn't have any friends but it doesn't worry her.

Chapter 12

The Unexpected Arrivals

We packed everything away as everyone sat on the couch while I walked over to the bench just to help me feel better, then I heard a Knock at the door.
“I’ll get it” I said addling over to the door to open it.
“Mum? Dad? John?” I froze as they stood at my door.
“Ellie look at you! You’re glowing. Why didn’t you tell me?” My mum started shooting questions.
“Me and Harry were going to surprise you” I said smiling.
“What is that on your finger” John said smiling.
“A ring, it is also a surprise” I said leaning on Harry who was standing behind me.
They all stood there and smiled “Well you sure did surprise us” John said walking in with the others.
I sent Harry to get the ultrasound pictures and told the others to sit on the couch.
“ Well this is a surprise “I said finishing my glass of water.
“We just had to come see you early” Mum said smiling.
I stopped as I heard another knock.
“I’ll get it” I said smiling and walking to the door and opening it.
“Ellie….you are Ellie right?” Said a very beautiful lady.
“Yes I’m Ellie………………..Oh my gosh your Anna” I smiled and hugged her…..Well I tried.
“yes I’m Harry’s mum” she said smiling.
“Come in. It is such a pleasure to meet you” I said excitedly.
“Mum?” I heard Harry say.
“Harry! So this is the lovely Ellie I have heard so much about and look at her she is glowing” Anna said smiling.
“Uh…..” Harry didn’t know what to say.
“Come sit Anna we were just about to talk about Darcy and show the ultrasounds” I said smiling.
We sat for hours talking about the baby, the fight, the proposal and more.
“I just have to go to the bathroom “I smiled and went to the bathroom to tie my hair up and just to have a little time alone.
“ELL and DANI COME HERE!!!!” I screamed as I noticed my water broke.
“What!” they came rushing in.
“Harry” Dani called out worried.
Harry came rushing in and stopped when he saw what happened.
“Ell go get the hospital bags” he shouted to Ell.
“Dani get the keys and hop in the car” he shouted at Dani who was already running out the door.
We made it quickly to the hospital and I decided we would have Harry and his mum and my mum, Ell and Dani with me.
It took hours and a lot of hard work for me to have Darcy. In the end Harry and my mother figured it was a bad idea holding my hand.
“Here she is” the doctor said handing me Darcy.
“She’s beautiful” I said crying as I held her in my arms.
“Just like her mother” Harry said kissing my cheek.
“Here” I said placing Darcy in Harry’s arms.
I pulled the camera out and took heaps of pictures. Seeing Harry hold his baby girl was one of the most hearts melting moment.
“May I hold her” Anna said with her arms out.
“Sure” I said as harry gave her Darcy.
Darcy was shared around to everyone including the boys, I took pictures of everyone.

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