Strange (but funny) things my sister has said

sorry MichelleWeasley im kinda copying your idea, but I have an 8 year-old sister too and this is a good idea XD so sorry but thanks! :P most credit goes to her! ^^^

Chapter 1


"my name is applesauce! i come in flavors such as BBQ chicken and oreo!"

"im jeff. I come in tropical forest leaf. But im gonna call it sherbert for now."

while falling off the couch "nooooooo! this is my end!"

"Watch out, shes gonna give you the hammer!"

(this is a comment she made that i find just stupid) "mom, the printer needs more paper. But i put some more in, so you dont have to do anything"

"Why are there so many celebrities on Dancing with the Stars?"

"i gotta vacuum, im gonna suck you in."

"wait, shes nuts?!?! shes made out of nuts?!?!"

"be careful, theres water." pulls pants way up

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