No Matter What - A Draco Malfoy Love Story

This is my first story so please tell me what you think!

Chapter 1

My Worry Is Gone

Im lying in bed, thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be my first day at Hogwarts in my 5th year. Im thinking about all the funny things that are going to happen with my friends, what subjects im going to pick, and most of all, if ill find a guy.. My love life has been pretty non existent my entire life. Im just too shy when it comes to guys i like. But this years going to be different.

My names Stella, im 15 and am a really kind, confident, outgoing person. I have long, straight blonde hair with blue eyes. I'm tan and have thin lips. I come from a long line of wizarding families. I have a sister called Carol, she's starting her first year tomorrow. When I leave Hogwarts I want to become a Curse Breaker, and am determined to get a good score in Arithmancy on my O.W.L's at the end of the year. You need to get it in order to become a Curse Breaker. I also need to get good scores on my N.E.W.T's in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Transfiguration and Charms. And probably Ancient Runes too.. So much work.. I miss the days of first year, when you just had to pass everything!

I look at my alarm clock and it says 12.37am. I decide to stop thinking and just go to sleep.

I wake up, get showered and dressed, get my bags and owl and head downstairs. Carol is running around the house in excitement. I smile. I remember how excited I was on my first day. I met my best friends, Harry, Ron and Hermione, when we were all sorted into Gryffindor.

We get in the car and before I know it we are at platform 9 and 3/4. Carol and I hug our parents and say goodbye, and then walk onto the train. Carols excitement has now turned into anxiety. She's gone pale and she's shaking a little bit. I hold her quivering hand and whisper 'itll be ok.'

We walk a little further down the corridors of the train. I let go of Carols hand. 'Go into that compartment, introduce yourself, and ask if you can sit with them.' I tell her.

'I c-can't.' stutters Carol, her eyes tearing up.

'You can honey.' I squeeze her hand. She's the most beautiful 11 year old ive ever seen. She's got straight, silky, shoulder length brown hair, with a front fringe. She's got perfect tan skin, Angelina Jolie lips and big green eyes. It's such a shame that she's so shy, because if she was just a little more confident, she was be the most loved first year at Hogwarts. Maybe she'll become more confident this year and make heaps of new friends. I really hope she does. I care about her more than anyone in the whole world.

She knocks on the door to the compartment and then walks in. I hear a soft 'hello, im Carol..'

I keep walking down the train corridor until I find the compartment where Harry, Ron, Hermione and I always meet. I find the corridor and walk in. Its just Ron sitting there by himself.

'Hey Ron!' I say, and sit down next to him. We talk for a few minutes until Harry and Hermione walk in together. We talk for hours and hours until finally the train stops.

We walk up to Hogwarts and into the Great Hall. The four of us sit down at the Gryffindor table. We say hi to all our friends we haven't seen for ages. Im distracted though. Im waiting nervously for the moment Professor McGonagall brings out the sorting hat.

'The first years will now be sorted' I hear McGonagall say. I quickly look up. Everyone cheers and claps. The first years come into view and I see my sister smiling and giggling with two girls. I smile. My worry is gone.

McGonagall goes through the names. Weve gotton a lot of Gryffindors this year!

'Michaels, Carol' calls McGonagall. My sister walks over, beaming. As soon as the hat touches her head it yells 'GRYFFINDOR!!' Everyone claps, but Gryffindor cheers and whistles. Everyone in my family has been a Gryffindor so it was no surprise to me. Carols two friends were also sorted into Gryffindor.

As Carol walks over I say 'you can sit next to me if you want.'

'No, its ok,' she replies. 'Im going to sit with my friends.' I smile.

We eat and eat until we feel incredibly ill. Then we go off to the Gryffindor Common Room. Carol says goodnight to me then goes off to her dorm with her friends.
5th years and above all hang out in one dorm. We talk and laugh and carry on. Its 12 in the morning, so we decide to go to bed. We all say goodnight, then go to our dorms.

Hermione and I whisper to each other for hours. We only got about two hours of sleep! We are best friends and have no secrets from each other. I know Hermione has the biggest crush on Ron, which I think he returns. But you never know with Ron, hes so confusing!!

This was a great start to the school year. I cant wait to see how it turns out.


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