Chapter 1

this is why

by: Screw_it
Ok so i really didnt want to and was bound and determined not to..but i realize that I ought to stay..

thangs have just been very very bad latley

I dont feel as though Im important
I dont think I matter
I hate myself most days
I dont want t be here anymore
to deal with the day to day crap
I know its different here but my real life sucks

Im really lonely and upset most of the time

Things got really bad last friday
I cried
lied to myself
became violent (shoot I was chuckin' bricks into the woods behind my house)
wanted to end it all

eventually found my way back but im still not ok

After alot of screaming I have been convinced stay

Kylina (blowing up my email and comments :P)
Carli (blowing up my gmail :P)

no more screaming at me please

oh and Tambrey..
thankyou..youve always been so supportive dear

and to all of you unnamed you know who you are

thankyou all my crazy lovely freinds!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all!! :)

Youre weird!!!!!!


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