For a friend

I was looking through a yearbook from my mom's highschool, and I found a picture that had a girl's picture with a heart around it and the "BF" next to it, so I asked my mom why hadn't I met her. My mom told me her best friend was murdered by a friend who assaulted her and everything. So I wanted to write this in her honor. Repost this if you want

Chapter 1

What happens when you go?

We sat that day in the courtyard at noon
thinking of events that would happen soon.
You smiled at me and hugged me tight,
"Don't you worry, things are gonna be alright"
But I sit here today 30 years gone,
You went to soon, I've missed you so long.
But you won't be back,
not because you won't,
because you can't,
you never woke.

You were killed by a man,
by the river did you die,
You thought he was a friend,
it turns out it was a lie.

I heard of your death,
I am never the same,
However I learned to go on,
Until my daughter saw your name.

On the yearbook way back when,
she pointed to a picture from back then.
She asked, "Mom, I haven't got a clue,
why isn't she still hanging out with you?"
"You said here that she is your best friend,
yet did these broken ties never mend?"

"No sweetie," Tears in my mind,
"This girl in the picture was very kind"
"But a man came and killed this friend,
now my broken heart will never mend."


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