I'm Continuing My Stories!

Chapter 1


by: grace_v
I'm very happy to tell you that I've had a sudden burst of creativity. I looked back on my stories, remembered that I knew their entire plot, but never actually "published" here.
So, for all my fans that may have given up on me by now, this is my apology. I am very sorry for not continuing my stories in so, so long! But you'll be rewarded! Especially since the summer is about to start! Here's how the next couple months will play out:

Sad Beginning: It will be discontinued (WAIT FOR IT) and I will be rewriting it in story form. I read back on my first chapters and was horrified at my lack of grammar...

Sad Beginning: Expect a new chapter!
Runaway: I'm also rewriting that in story format, and the first chapter will be posted shortly after the month begins.
Hated With No Reason: It will be renamed to just "Hated" and will be edited and posted in story format.
Broken Forever: Keeping that as it is, and I'll post a new chapter as soon as possible!
I May Be A Woman, But I'm Tougher Than Any Damned Man You'll Ever See: Long title, huh? I'm working on that. The very first chapter will be posted later in the month!


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