STOP Pedo Bear in their tracks! This is beyond fvcked up!!!

This made me cringe, I think that all these worthless bastards need to be castrated, and BURN IN HELL!!!

Chapter 1

D; What is this world coming to!!!?

This group has over 335 pages that promote pedophilia, child molestation, exposes child pornography, has graphic content, posts, pictures. It is affiliated with the already banned website NAMBLA, which stands for North American Man Boy Love Association, that also promotes pedophila. Their pages MUST be taken down, it is a harmful and puts OUR children in danger and allows pedophiles to promote themselves in a sick, disgusting, immoral way. They also have hundreds of videos on YouTube. I understand Freedom of Speech, but what they are doing is a CRIME and they must be held accountable.Their website is still active and so is their facebook page! This is no cute little teddy bear, it represents something extremely sick! ;(

Join and sign this petition to END pedo bear once and for ALL!:

*Also this is important; REPOST this and get your friends, and friends of friends' to join the war against pedo bear and have them join sign the petition too! PLEASE make a commitment to do this, together we can end this terrible, disgusting sh1t!!!

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