My poem Collection

~ These are just some poems that I write whenever something happens or my mood. I'll put 2-4 poems in each chapter. So enjoy~

Chapter 1

My poems

by: Seeha

I've felt you lurk in mind,
Never letting me be,
I wish you would leave,
But you won't.
You keep reaching for,
I keep running,
Not wanting to hear your words,
But when you're not there,
I'm in complete darknes.
I should feel relief and free
Instead it leaves me regretting.

Why must you make things so difficult
I miss you but yet I don't want you.
I'm aching and breaking,
When will this cycle end?
Will things ever be the same between us?

You've broken me, I kicked you out.
Maybe forever don't know.
We'll never know till it's too late.


I'm so crushed knowing you're not accepting me,
I'm who I am.
Why can't you see that?

It's tearing me apart,
Not feeling your acceptance,
Not feeling your love.

What happened between us?
Was it something I did?
Is it who I am?

All I want is to feel your acceptance,
Is that too much to ask?

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