The 75th Hunger Games

The 75th Hunger Games

Hi everyone. I was in the mood for some story-telling. I decided that I wanted to make a more elaborate 75th Games with the same characters, but with a few added viewpoints, descriptions of all characters' Reapings, Good-byes to family/friends, training, and in-Games experiences. Flashbacks will be included. Please enjoy this story, comment, rate, and add to favorites if you do, indeed, like it.

Chapter 1

The Announcement

The man, fully dressed in a black suit and a flowing white beard, stood at the podium of the Capitol's Justice Building. "Another excellent year is ahead of us," he said with a fake smile and artificial ingenuity. "This year will be full of twists and turns, sorrow and joy, and most importantly..." He paused, exagerrating a smile at the cameras. "Bravery and sacrifice." Something twinkled in his far away eyes, and he accepted the envelope a small boy in a tie carried to him. "Thank you," he said genuinely. President Coriolanus Snow extracted the slip of paper with divine precision. A smile appeared upon his cruel lips and he heaved a sigh of what appeared to be remorse; though all that had met Snow, had been forced through his challenges, knew that he had none of the emotion. Clearing his throat, Snow recited, "On the 75th Anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the Capitol, the male and female tributes will be Reaped from their existing pool of victors." Gasps of shock, cheers of excitement, and silence invaded the Capitol, and every face was surprised. Suddenly, the man with the smile was gone, and in his place stood the real ruthless President Snow. "Be ready, my tributes," he said slyly. "The victor among the victors!" His eyes took on a strange shade of black. Like a snake's. "Who will prevail?" He was staring, perhaps at someone through the screens, but that person-or people- were too in awe to focus on his uninterpreted message. "Good luck to all," he closed, waving a gloved hand. "I will see you at the Reaping! May the odds...." "BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!" the Capitol audience roared. The cameras sweeped through the crowd, catching glimpses of reactions, and then TV screens went black along with the victors' hopes and dreams of the future.

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