Snow Flakes (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

This is my first story here so please tell me what you think :)

Chapter 1

Winter Girl

I sit on the bench as i watch the snow flakes fall down. I put on my headphones and listen to One Thing by One Direction. Now most of you out there are the summer type. I am a winter girl. I love the cold, and the sight of snow flakes falling down from the sky. I find it peaceful. I listen to One Direction for a good 30 minuted before getting up. I see a stranger shivering on the bench opposite of mine. I am used to the cold, so i don't need a super thick jacket, but my mom insists that i wear one so i dont catch a cold. I feel bad for the stranger, so i walk over to him.

"Do you need an extra jacket, sir?" i say. I get a good look at him---or as good a look of him as i can get. He is wearing his hood and sunglasses. Odd. He looks up at me.

"No, it's okay," he says, but i can tell he is lying. I take off my ski jacket.

"Here, i don't mind the cold," i say. He reluctantly takes its but stops shivering once he puts the jacket on. He looks at me in disbelief.

"It's freezing out here! What are you doing on a day like this?" he says.

"It's a wonderful day to today! The question is, what is a guy like you doing on a day like this?" i ask curiously.

"Wanted some fresh air, i guess." he replies.

I raise my eyebrows. "Fresh air, i see. Well, you wanna take a walk with me? I mean, no one is out here, so it's nice to have some company for a change,"

"Guess so," he says, getting up. We walk for a bit in silence before he brings up a conversation. "So, are you always out here?"

"Yeah, i love winter," i say. "What's you're name by the way?"

"Louis," he replies.

"You ain't from around, im guessing?" i say. He nods.

"I'm Skylar, but you can call me Skye." i say. We shake hands. We continue walking until we reach a coffee shop. Louis opens the door for me and i thank him. We sit down and each order a cup of tea.

"You seem like a british girl," he jokes.

"My daddy's british," i say matter-of-factly.

"Oh, here's your jacket," he says, taking it off, a little embarrassed.

"Thanks," i say. "So, how long are you in U.S for?"

"7 weeks," he says. "I'm singing at a few concerts here." He gestures to my ipod. "May I?"

"Sure," I say, handing him the ipod. He puts the headphones over my ears and scrolls through the songs.

"Aha," he says, hitting play. One Thing comes on.

"My favorite song!" i exclaim.

"Is it?" he smirks. I recognize that smile. He seems so familiar to me. Who is he though? I am pretty sure i have never met him in person before. In person. Thats it! One Direction member? Now everything is clicking into place. His name, British accent, concerts, him playing One Thing. He's Louis Tomlinson. He smiles, knowing i understand now.

"Well, i guess i can take that off my bucket list," i laugh.

"Anything else on your list related to one direction?" he asks. I almost blurt out that kissing him is on my list, but i keep quiet.

"Not that i can think of at the moment. Anyways, i best be going now. Nice meeting you," i say.

"Nice meeting you too, love," he smiles. he hands me a piece of paper with his number on it. "Maybe we can meet up again. I had a really good time,"

"Sure thing," i say. I wave goodbye and head for home.


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