Chapter 1


1. Who is your favorite member and why?

Harry....... this may sound weird but i think since the first time i saw him i belived that i would get along with him the best out of the boys. not saying i dont like the others.

2. Have you ever cried over the boys?

uhm i'm not sure but i cried when i heard harry cried

3. Have you ever met the boys?

Nope:( but i will hopefully

4. What’s your favourite song from the album?

I cant decide there all so good

5. Do you prefer the WMYB or the GBY music video?


6. Have the boys stopped you from doing something you’d regret?


7. Have they saved your life?


8. When did you become a Directioner?

first time I saw them

9. How many posters do you have?

Around 50 or more lets just say when i'm finished hanging all the posters i have i wont be able to see my walls

10. What’s your favorite thing about Harry?

everything but i love how he's immiture but hillarious and i love how when i see a pic or if i hear him on tv and when i see him on tv it instantly makes me smile and happy.And i love how he's perfect in his own way i say he's => EXTRODIN-HARRY

11. What’s your favorite thing about Liam?

I think i like that he's so mature but yet funny and he's nice and he always seems happy.

12. What’s your favorite thing about Louis?

OMG i had a time where i just couldnt get over louis but then i figured i liked harry so i'll stick woth harry but i love how lou gets along with hazza so well and i just think its amazing how he is just so perfect in pictures and i love how he's not afraid to speak his mind. He's FAB-LOUIS

13. What’s your favorite thing about Niall?

I lovethat he's just so friggin' adorable and i find it amazing how he always eats and never puts on weight and i love that he's so funny. he's PHENOMI-NIAL
14. What’s your favorite thing about Zayn?

He's shy, mysterious and really caring i love that he cares about his looks yet he's so himself he's just perfect and i love that his so cool and chilled out. He's AMA-ZAYN

15. Did you watch them on The X Factor?
Sadly No :'(

16. What was your favorite X Factor performance?

but i really did like Kids In America

17. Do you ever get jealous of Danielle and/or Eleanor?

NEVER i love that they make lou and liam happy and i love how the other boys get along with them pre' well too. :)

18. What is your favorite hairstyle on Liam?

i dont really like when his hair is all stright i like it when its curly ..... well wavy.

19. Have you heard Louis’ cover of Look After You by The Fray? If you have, what did you think?

Yes! i downloaded it so great i think all directioners have heard it and if they havent they need to cuz its so cool.

20. Did you watch Liam on The X Factor in 2008?

i dont think so....... imma go look it up on youtube

21. What reminds you of Zayn?

when i do my hair in the morning and i look at my mirror ,the colour red and when i eat a sandwhich i always remember he doesnt like sandwhich crusts.

22. What reminds you of Liam?

Spoons, Turtles, whenever i think about my fav colour i remember liam likes purple too and when i eat chocolate i remember that liam likes chocolate too. :D

23. What reminds you of Louis?

Carrots , the colour red and when i thiink of my b'day which is on the 26th of december i always think of lou's b'day is two days before mine

24. What reminds you of Niall?

Food,laughing,Ireland,the colour blue and justin beiber

25. What reminds you of Harry?

Cats, curls,funny stuff ,flirting,the colour orange and roller coasters

26. Why do you love One Direction?

I love that there themselves and that they dont try to act like people there not i LOVE how they love there fans and i find it amazing how they dont let the fact that there famous and probs getting rich go to there head i guess i love the fact that there just there own person and amazing in there own ways and i love how they all get along sooooo well.i could keep going but you'd probs get bored and stop reading

27. Are you going to their tour?

Yes the 2013 tour hopefully.

28. Are you a Narnian Directioner?


29. Favorite quote from any of the boys?

"I'll always defend the ones I love, even though I'm as scary as a... as a... a baby penguin!" -Niall Horan

30. If you could be a part of ANY of their videos (including all the game shows and random videos), which would you choose?

Well i guess i would hope to be in WMYB


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