Get Back

Get Back

Hey guys! I would like to introduce to you a new Beatles fan fic! This is a co-written story with me, (jennyblazer), Spring_enocore, littlelennonstarkey, and last but not least, LennonHarrisonFan96 :D This a crazy little warped up story on The Beatles traveling to the future...but in this fan fic we'll be covering a lot of problems the Beatles had and oh so very different things that would be if they were young and here today! Join us on an adventure with the beatles! Hope you like it! :)

Chapter 1

Abbey Road

Spring's P.O.V

I couldn't believe it was actually happening, at first when I told them it'd be fun if they come to visit me in London it sounded more like a dream than a suggestion, but they dreamed along with me, we talked about everything that we wanted to do, every places that we could go together, and then we thought, why not make it real?

And now here I was, at the airport waiting for my friends to come. I was excited but also nervous; I don't know which feeling was taking over, or maybe it was a fair balance between both, however it was, the adrenaline was rushing to my veins, making my heart beats faster and stress me out.

It was really crowded, I could hardly see the passengers coming through that door, I made my way closer to that huge flickering billboard, I'm very good at making mistakes so after glancing the passengers and not finding my Beatlemaniac fellas. I decided to take a look at the flights, maybe it's just Russian and Germans coming through that door tonight, and my American friends are supposed to come next week and somehow I mixed the dates. As much as I felt wrong, I knew I was right. It’s Friday, June 26 and its almost 2 AM, so the New York - London flight must have landed by now; so where are they?

I turned back at the passengers, scrutinizing them one by one, an old lady with her pink baggage, 2 blonde guys, a mother a father and 2 small kids and.. it wasn't hard to recognize 3 young girls laughing and stepping toward slowly. Jenny was ahead, Shred and Jema behind her, there they are, my friends!

I waved at them, Jenny spotted me and waved back, I walked to them, almost running, they look so different from their pictures. Jenny looked amazing with her long black hair covering her shoulders and a Beatles hat, Shred had the coolest hair cut I've ever seen and her black Tshirt was the best thing ever, with a graphic design of John Lennon, Jema looked so nice with her red flaming hair and her pretty green outfit. As soon as I got close to them, suddenly all the stresses turned into a relax feeling. Now I was excited, and extremely happy. I hugged them one by one.

"My God, I'm so happy you're here!" I said smiling to my friends

"I know right? Im so excited!" Jenny said, she was standing between Jema and Shred with her hands over their shoulders

"I can't believe we made it" Jema said I could say she was a bit blushing

"guys, I think we blocked the way" Shred said looking at the crowd behind us, we turned round, we were standing exactly beside the door, all the passengers behind us seemed furious glaring at us

"um right!" I said and slowly started to walk.

"sorry!" Jenny said and accosted me, Shred and Jema came after.

"how was the flight?" I asked randomly.

"it was okay" Shred said, they didn't look tired at all.

"do you want me to help you with that?" I asked Jema, she had 2 baggage's in her hands, Jenny and Shred had one each.

"no its not heavy" Jema smiled it off, I didn't insist as they didn't look heavy.

"so this is London.." Jema said, looking around

"yep, welcome to London!" I said running out of the airport's gate with my hands wide open, I didn't want to look stupid but I was really happy, Jenny Jema and Shred came after me

"come on lads, lets go, I parked the car over there" we started to walk to the car, it was midnight so it was really quiet and the ironic is we were even more quiet, I didn't know what to say, it was the first time I was seeing the friends I was talking to constantly for more than 3 years, we were best friends, the kind of best friends that your region doesn't choose for you. The kind of friends that you choose based on similarity between you, it simply means, we are so much alike, we love the same things, we get along on everything and we love each other to death and I know we were going to talk and I know we are going to have the best time ever

"Spring, are you feeling sleepy?" Jenny asked, I wasn't feeling drowsy at all, I was too excited to sleep, and the England weather is somewhat cold so it doesn't let you feel like sleeping anytime.

"Not at all, why?"

"I thought maybe we can watch a Beatles movie tonight" Jenny said, suddenly everyone got so excited

"yes! That seems great!" Shred said

"yaay!" Jema said

"yes totally! how about Give My Regards to Broad Street, Jema you haven't seen it yet, have you?!" I said, taking out the car key from my small Beatles bag

"Nope! I'm dying to watch it!"

"is that your car?" Shred said glancing my little yellow Mini

"its your Mini right?" Jema said getting close to it.

"yes! Its Yellow Submarine, you can call her yellow" I winked, that's what I named my car, after the Beatles movie, because it was yellow, Shred and Jema were looking at me strangely so I decided to explain

"I name my cars, Jenny knows, 'remember Sherlock Jenny?" I turned to Jenny.

"yes, he was so charming, I missed him" Jenny said laughing.

"yeah I missed him too, but now I give you, Yellow Submarine!" I pointed at my car with my both hands in an advertising way and opened the car trunk.

"I didn't know you have a Mini, George loves Mini" Shred said putting her baggage in the trunk

"that's why I got this car" I said somehow proudly, sitting on the driver's sit.

"that's fab" Shred said, sitting next to me, Jenny and Jema sat at the back after putting their stuff in the trunk.

"so what do we want to listen to?" I said starting the car and as soon as the car was on, the sound of music came loud, it was Golden Slumbers from Abbey Road album

"can you ever change that?" Jenny said leaning forward

"No way!" I said, we all screamed and I left the parking swerving loudly, and soon we started to sing along with the songs so loud we could hardly hear the Beatles voice, I don't know how long I was driving, I couldn't feel the time passing, it was like I was really drunk, we all were, and we didn’t need any drinks, we had our Beatles songs and our company, enough for us. I was feeling like I wasn’t driving, I was mostly flying, not that I was going fast, it was just the feeling, right now nothing possibly could make me feel any bad, but as I was singing along with Polythene Pam something hit me, where are we?

"guys, sorry just a second, I think we're lost" I turned down the volume.

"oh, totally forgot we had a destination!" Jenny said with a deep breath after singing incessantly

"hmm spoilsport" Shred said sadly

"sorry I have no sense of direction, let's check the GPS" I said and turned on the car's GPS

"um Shred can you see what it says…" I said and focused on the little thing written beside the small yellow dot which was us

"it says…" me and Shred said at the same time

"Abbey… Road" me and Shred looked at each other in unbelievably. We looked at the GPS again, looked at each other quickly, then gave our shocking looks to the two behind that were even more shocked than us

"ABBEY ROAD!" we all screamed at the same time.

"you took us here on purpose?" Shred asked impatiently

"I had no idea! I swear!" I said with my mouth wide open. This is just unbelievable.

"this is exactly where the boys walked…" Jenny said, we were all mesmerized looking at the front; it was right in front of us…

This is so ironic, I don't know how a coincidence like this can happen, I was amazed. I always believed in signs but this was just extraordinary, I mean this is the reason my friends came here in the first place, Abbey Road. And now, here we are, something was telling me that this wasn't just a coincidence, like we were supposed to be here... I shook my head tensely and looked at the others, they were all deeply in thought just like me, we kept looking at each other and say nothing, like we were all waiting for another one to talk.

"Lets walk on Abbey Road! What are you waiting for?" Shred suddenly broke the silence and jumped out of the car

"good idea!" Jema followed her quickly.

"can you believe this Jenny?" I said pulling the handbrake, Jenny opened the door.

"I'm trying to!" she said laughing and got out quickly joined Jema and Shred

""we're on Abbey Road, yaay! Come on Spring!" I heard Jema as I was getting out of the car

"this is wonderful…" I said getting closer to them. Jema was standing first, then Shred then Jenny and I stood as the last one in line. This felt perfect, we didn't say anything for moments, we didn't need to, we all knew. This was phenomenal. Like putting pieces of puzzles together.

"my camera's with me, I wish there was someone to take our photo" I said as I wanted this glorious moment to be saved. We all looked around at the quiet Abbey Road.

"Some one's there.." Jenny said narrowing her eyes at the corner of the street when I followed the direction her eyes were looking at, there was no one there, or they just left

"No one's there" I said looking at the same place Jenny was still staring at

"Well there's not much we can do now. There wasn't three beatles crossing abbey road while the other sat out to take a picture…" Shred said with a sigh.

"we can take pictures another time, we'll come here again, wont we?" Jema said

"of course" I answered Jema while I was looking at Jenny, she was still staring at the place where she 'thought' she saw someone.

"It was Paul" Jenny said not taking her eyes off that corner

"what?" Shred said the exact thing I was going to say

"I'm sure, it was Paul, Paul McCartney" Jenny insisted. I looked at the corner, she must be wrong, no matter how I much I wanted to believe that Paul McCartney's passing by on Abbey Road 3 in the morning exactly when we accidently find our self here, It couldn’t be.

"he couldn't be here, he wont come to London till next week, he has a concert in Paris" Jema gave out the useful information and killed that little hope in me that wished what Jenny said was right

"I know, guys, it wasn't the old Paul McCartney, it was…" Jenny hesitated, she breathed deeply, looking at the empty spot

"the young Paul McCartney"

we didn't say anything for a moment, we just looked at her. She couldn't be serious. Haha, funny joke, right?

"but that's impossible" Jema said, somehow I thought she believed Jenny, I didn't. she must be messing with us, just joking around.

"you're kidding right?" I said looking at that corner

"he was there, and he suddenly disappeared" Jenny pointed at that place, I know she was tempted to go look over there, but she wanted to convince us first.

"its all in mind you know" Shred winked and tapped her head. But Jenny's serious face wasn't change a bit. And now I started to feel a bit scared. we were standing side by side, all of us looking at the front, like we were waiting for something to happen, but nothing, it was quiet, just the wind.

"Jenny?" I finally broke the silence.

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