Forever Young - One Direction Love Story

Cassie is me!
Miah is actually my friend in real life so...yeah. :D
So are Kelsey and Sidney.
Ember is xBVBx She's amaZAYN! :D

Chapter 4


by: Dance
"Hey, Cass," Louis said, coming up behind me. I was leaning against the railing of the boat, cold ocean water spraying my face.
"Hi, Lou," I smiled. He stood next to me, wrapping an arm around me. I couldn't help myself but smile as I leaned closer to Louis.
"So, it seems like everyone's got someone. I mean, Harry and Miah, Zayn likes Ember, Niall obviously is crushing on Kelsey, Liam's head-over-heels for Sidney, and..." he faded out, looking out over the sea.
"And?" I prompted.
"And, well...well, I hope I have you," he blushed.
I couldn't help myself. I turned to him.
"Louis, you've had me since the first day I met you," I whispered. His eyes became brighter than the moon shining on the water.
"I feel like I need to kiss you," he admitted. He closed his eyes and leaned forward, his lips slightly parted. I leaned in and met him.

"Wow," Louis breathed, moments later. I looked at him, smiling. He grinned back and leaned against the railing, satisfied. He sighed, and I just stared at the moon.
"Lou?!" I screamed.
"I-I'm f-f-f-ine!" Louis called from the water.
"HELP! LOU FELL OVERBOARD!" I yelled in the direction of everyone else. Everyone screamed and ran over while I threw a rope towards Louis. He grabbed the rope and the eight of us heaved and pulled until Louis was on the boat.
"Oh, gosh, Lou," I cried. He sat on the deck shivering, dripping with ice-cold water, his lips turning violet. I ran and got the blanket we brought and wrapped it around him.
"Th-th-thanks, C-C-Cass," Louis stuttered. I sat next to him, though the blanket was between us, and put my head on his wet shoulder.
"Poor Lou," I cooed as he continued to shiver violently. He smiled and winked at me.
"Luckily I brought a pair of sweats. Be right back." He kissed my cheek and got up quickly, walking to get changed in the bathroom. As it turned out the "boat" was actually a houseboat.
"So, Cassie, what's up with you and Louis?" Harry asked mischieviously.
I could tell I blushed the color of cherries.
Luckily Zayn saved me.
"Would it be alright if Ember meets us at the dock when we get back?" he asked eagerly.
"That'd be great," Miah smiled. Then Louis came back out, in sweats and no shirt. I stared at him for a moment before looking away, trying to hide a smile.
"Something wrong, Cass?" Sid teased quietly. That's when I noticed Liam was holding her hand. It was so adorable.
I stuck my tongue out at her.
"So, we're heading back to the dock, right?" I asked.
"Yeah, my uncle's heading there now," Sid told all of us.
"We're already going back?" Louis asked, disappointed.
"Well, we're meeting Ember and you're hair is still wet," I pointed out. Everyone laughed and they all went their seperate ways. Louis smiled. I hugged him tightly because he was still shivering and he hugged me back just as tightly.
"Sorry for ruining the night," Louis said.
"Ruining it? Lou, I had a great time," I admitted.
"I'm glad," he laughed. He kissed me again, soft and sweet.
"LOUIS AND CASSIE, QUIT SNOGGING AND GET OFF THE BOAT!" Kelsey ordered when we docked.
We pulled away and ran to everyone else on the dock.
"Hi, Ember!" I smiled at the fire-truck-red haired girl.
"Hey, Cassie," she said. Then she noticed Louis.
" Louis wet and shirtless?"
Me and Louis blushed.
"I-uh, fell off of the boat," Louis said.
"Wait, Lou, why did you fall off the boat?" Liam asked.
We looked down, avoiding everyone's eyes.
"What were the two of you doing?!" Kelsey shrieked, giggling.
"Nothing!" Both of us shouted defensively. They all rolled their eyes.

"Girls, we should get going," Miah said a few hours later. We had continued walking around the city with the boys and Ember. It was almost midnight.
I could tell the boys were sad and Ember looked disappointed.
"Hey, Ember? " I said quietly.
"Yeah? " she asked.
"Wanna spend the night at our place?" I asked.
She smiled sweetly.
"Sure. I'd like that."
"SLUMBER PARTY! " Kelsey, Sid, Miah, and I chorused.

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