Forever Young - One Direction Love Story

Cassie is me!
Miah is actually my friend in real life so...yeah. :D
So are Kelsey and Sidney.
Ember is xBVBx She's amaZAYN! :D

Chapter 3


by: Dance

Two familiar faces were hovering over me, eyes lit with excitement.
"Sidney? Kelsey? " I asked groggily. My head still felt like cement, but I was ecstatic to see two of my best friends.
"Duh!" They chorused.
"What are you doing here? "
"We saw you on the cover of this-" Kelsey shoved a magazine in my face- "and had to come check on you! We got on the first flight to London!" Kelsey (who normally lived in Austria with Sid) nearly screamed.
I shushed her and grabbed the magazine. It was a picture of me and Louis, mid-tango and a smaller picture of me on a stretcher with Louis beside me. The headline read: LOUIS LEADS GIRL TO CONCUSSION!
I flipped to the article and read it quickly.
Louis Tomlinson danced with a mysterious girl in a London club last night, and resources say they put on quite a show until things went down hill.The 20-year-old member of One Direction reportedly "dipped the girl and she slipped, falling on her head," resources say. Paramedics arrived at the scene shortly after and the girl was said to have a mild concussion. Tomlinson was very distraught and upset, and rode with her to the hospital. But what we want to know- is this girl just a new dance partner or a new 1D girl?
I sighed and explained everything to Sid and Kelsey. That's when I noticed it.
"My locket!" I screeched. Both the girls knew what had happened immediately.
"Miah is at work and I can't drive with a concussion. Who can drive me? " I asked, whipping out my phone. I looked through until I found it.
"Cassie! Hi," Louis answered on the first ring. I was in tears.
"L-Louis, have you s-seen my l-l-locket?" I cried.
"What? Oh, yeah! I've got it! The paramedics took it off and I didn't want them to lose it. You wanna come get it? "
"I'm on my way!"

"Oh, Louis! Thank you!" I sobbed, hugging him. He hugged me back tightly while the other boys talked to Sid and Kelsey.
"No problem, Cass, " Louis said. We released eachother and Louis reached into his pocket and fished out my locket.
"Turn around, " he smiled. I turned and lifted my hair as his warm hands put my locket around my neck.
"Thank you so much! " I gushed.
"It's no bother. If I may, why is it so important?" Louis wondered.
"I have the most terrible luck without it, " I admitted. He looked at me doubtfully.
"It's true! When I was four, I was sitting on top of the monkey bars with my friend, and she asked to see my locket. As I was handing it to her, I fell and broke my arm. And when I was sixteen, I forgot it on my way to school and got in a car wreck. Plus numerous other things."
Louis looked shocked.
"Wow-" he was cut off.
"LOU! CASSIE! WE'RE GOING TO GO SAILING TONIGHT ON MY UNCLE'S BOAT!" Sidney yelled to us. I smiled and looked over to see a smiling Louis.
"Well, I'll see you this evening, then," Louis said. I nodded and he kissed my cheek before Sid, Kels, and I left.

After hours of choosing outfits, doing hair and makeup, and catching up, Miah, Kelsey, Sidney, and I set out for the boys' place.
"Miah, what's going on with you and Harry?" I asked with a giggle.
We all were wearing my sunglasses, as I had quite a problem when it came to realizing I had enough sunglasses, and Kelsey had expertly fixed all of our hair.
Miah blushed a cherry red and bit her bottom lip. The rest of us erupted into a fit of laughter.
"I think Liam is absolutely amazing!" Sid gushed.
"I like Niall," Kelsey declared.
I smirked, thinking of my sisters being happy with the 1D boys.

"So, you like sailing?" Louis asked me as the nine of us walked down the sidewalk. We were heading to he harbour to go to Sidney's uncle's boat.
"I love it," I smiled. We walked along until I heard two people bump into each other.
"Ow! I'm so sorry," Zayn said to a girl on the ground. She had bright red hair and when I looked closer I noticed she had bruises.
((This is xBVBx's character! CHeck her out! SHe's super amazing!
"Oh, no, it's okay," the girl said. The way Zayn looked at her...
I looked to Louis and he had noticed it too. It seemed everyone had.
"I'm Zayn. Zayn Malik," he said, getting up and offering her a hand.
She took it and lifted herself up.
"Ember Skye," she introduced herself. I gave the girls "the look" and walked up to Ember.
"Hi, Ember! I'm Cassie. This is Kelsey, Miah, and Sidney. And Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall. Also known as One Direction," I said, as proud as a mother whose child had gotten wonderful grades all year.
"Hi," she said quietly. I had probably overwhelmed her, as I did a lot of people.
"Would you mind if we stole Zayn for a minute?" Miah asked Ember.
"Oh, that's fine," she replied.
"Keep Ember here," I told Louis quietly as the girls and I grabbed Zayn and pulled him to a wall, huddling around him.
"What's going on?" Zayn asked, frightened.
"Are you going to ask her for her number?" I asked him.
"Well, I would like to, but your cornering me," he said.
"Alright, alright," Sidney said. We backed away and I ran to Ember.
"Hey, Ember, what do you think of my buddy Zayn?"
"He's nice," she said, hesitantly.
I pondered for a moment.
"Good enough for me!" I said, happily. The girls pushed Zayn over and we pulled the others away from them.
"What's he doing?" Niall asked.
"Getting her number," Kelsey smiled.
A few minutes later, Zayn returned with a smile and a nod, as Ember walked away.
"Yay!" I proclaimed.
"Now, to the boat!" Louis said. I jumped on his back and he ran all the way to the harbour.

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