Forever Young - One Direction Love Story

Cassie is me!
Miah is actually my friend in real life so...yeah. :D
So are Kelsey and Sidney.
Ember is xBVBx She's amaZAYN! :D

Chapter 2


by: Dance
"Louis!" I exclaimed, laughing. He was twirling me around the dancefloor. Everyone had made a large open circle to watch Louis and I be freaks in public.
"Ta-da!" Louis pronounced as he lowered me into a dip.
Unfortunately, I wasn't ready for the dip and Louis didn't realize that until my heel slipped on the floor, I fell from his arms, and my head slammed unto the floor. The floor was vibrating from the music and my ears were ringing like church bells. I tried to lift my head but groaned in pain when I felt like almost-dried concrete filled my head. I heard gasps and Louis was apologizing and yelling for the three boys watching. They all rushed to me.
"Cassie, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" Louis asked. He looked really worried.
"Uh...yeah, I'm fine," I assured them, though I felt anything but fine. I felt something warm and sticky pooling around my head.
"Call Harry and Miah!" I heard Liam order as my vision faded to black.

The bright white lights blinded me and my head swirled. A familiar boy was asleep in the chair beside me.
"Harry?" I asked. The curly haired-boy awoke quickly.
"Cassie, you're awake! You gave us quite a scare there! Hold on, let me get the others. I know they'll want to see you. We were taking turns waiting for you to wake up, see," Harry said. I smiled lightly as the other four boys and Miah walked into my hospital room.
"I'm so extraordinarily sorry, Cassie!" Louis exclaimed.
"Louis, it's fine," I assured him though my mouth felt like the desert.
"No!" Louis protested ((I couldn't resist...)). "It's my fault you have a concussion! "
"A concussion?" I repeated.
"Just a mild one. But the doctor still said you should take it easy. And you got stitches," Miah clarified.
I pursed my lips and lied back on the pillows.
"When can I leave? " I asked.
"The doctor said he wanted to talk to all of us when you woke up, " Niall told me.
Harry left to get the doctor.
"I brought you some pajamas so you don't have to go home in a bloody dress or that hospital gown, " Miah told me, handing me a pile of blue plaid.
"Thanks, " I said, as Harry walked in.
"The doctor is doing an emergency surgery so the nurse just gave me this to give to you, " Harry said, handing Miah a piece of paper.
"So I can go? " I asked. Harry nodded and I slowly got up and got changed.
Harry and Miah were talking in the corner so I went to talk to Louis.
"Well, don't you look cute, " he said cheekily. I laughed, but it hurt my head. I closed my eyes and brought my hands to my head.
"Woah, easy there, " Louis said, grabbing my waist. I opened my eyes to look at
him. He gave me a small smile.

An hour later, the boys were dropping g Miah and I off at our apartment. Louis and Harry walked us up to our door. Harry and Miah were walking very close together, talking quietly. Louis was walking next to me, and he continually opened his mouth to say something and closed it again before he allowed any words to escape.
"Well, this is us, " I told Louis as we arrived at apartment 13C.
"Cassie, I'm really sorry, " Louis said again.
"It's fine, Louis, " I assured him once more.
", I was wondering if I could get your phone number? " He asked, with a cheeky grin. I nodded and smiled as I handed him my phone and he gave me his. We added ourselves into the other's contact list.
"I guess I should be going, " I said. He gave me a quick hug and waved to Miah before walking away. Harry kissed Miah's cheek and told me to feel better. Miah and I walked groggily into our apartment. Instead of asking her about Harry, I went immediately to my room and flopped down on my large bed.
I fell asleep, dreaming of vibrating dancefloors, hospital rooms, and Louis Tomlinson.

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