Forever Young - One Direction Love Story

Cassie is me!
Miah is actually my friend in real life so...yeah. :D
So are Kelsey and Sidney.
Ember is xBVBx She's amaZAYN! :D

Chapter 1

Going Out

by: Dance

Cassidy (Cassie)
quirky; funny; clumsy; random; crazy; gets jealous very easily; a little bit evil; not neat; stubborn
very short; brown curly (usually she straightens it) hair; green eyes
Best friends with Miah
Nicknames: Cass, Sassy, Sassy Cassie, Sassafrass, Frass, Lil Devil
Age: 19
loves animals, singing, dancing, acting. has an addiction to candy..

nice; sweet; funny; caring; smart; puts up with crazy very well,
kinda tall; blonde curly hair; blue eyes
Best friends with Cassie
Nicknames: Mija, Mia, MiMi,

They share an apartment in London!

"C'mon, Miah!" I cried, yanking my friend with me into the cab.
"Cass, I don't wanna go to the club!" she wined.
"You just turned eighteen! It'll be fun!" I countered. She sighed, knowing there was no arguing with me.
We soon arrived at the club, and I pulled Miah into the smoky building.

"Cass! You'll never believe who's here!" Miah said, rushing up to me on the dancefloor.
"One Direction!" She squealed. I dropped my cup of soda (I wasn't a big drinker) on the floor.
"What?! For real?!" I demanded.
"Yeah!" She said excitedly. "And get this, I talked to them!"
"What?! What did they say?!" I asked.
"That they'd love to hang out! Come on! " she screeched over the pounding music. As she pulled me along, I smoothed my hair and dress.
I saw the five of them sitting at a table talking. Harry looked up and spotted us. He smiled and waved us over. Miah squeezed my hand before going over to the boys. I followed on her heels.
"Hey, Miah, " Harry said with a grin.
"Hi, Harry, " she replied with a blush.
"Well, who is this? " Zayn asked, looking at me.
"Cassie," I said, putting my hand out. They all took turns shaking my hand and introducing themselves, though introductions weren't needed.
We all sat down, me next to Miah and Louis, with Miah next to Harry. Miah and Harry were obviously smitten.
"Your friend better stay away from Hazza, " Louis joked in my ear. I laughed along with him.
"I'm gonna go get a drink. Care to tag along?" Louis asked me, standing up. He offered me his hand.
"Sure," I replied, taking his hand. He pulled me up but didn't release my hand as we weaved our way thorugh the sea of dancing bodies.
"What do you want?" He asked me, smiling.
"Just a Coke please," I told the man behind the bar. While we were waiting for our drinks, I saw Louis admiring the locket I wore at all times.
"That's a lovely necklace," he grinned.
"Thanks. It was given to me at birth, though I've never been able to open it," I laughed. When we got our drinks, we went back to the table, to find that Miah and Harry had disappeared.
"Where did they go?" I asked Niall, Liam, and Zayn.
"They went on a 'walk' right after you left," Niall said, making airquotes around "walk."
Louis and I grinned at each other as we sat down. My phone vibrated with a text.
Miah Mia: Heyyyyy. How's Louis? ;)
I rolled my eyes and replied.
Me: It depends. What's happening with you and Styles?
I put phone down and turned to the boys.
"So, whatcha guys wanna do? " I asked, as an upbeat song suddenly pounded through the air.
"Dance! " Louis said, grabbing my hand and pulling me to the dancefloor.
We were dancing like idiots when he pulled me against him and began to tango.
This was going to be an interesting night.

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