Love at First Prank (Draco Malfoy love story)

Love at First Prank (Draco Malfoy love story)

Name: Ashlyn Weasley
Age: 13 almost 14 (third year)
House: Gryffindor
Hair: Flaming-red hair
Eyes: Bright blue, when pranking she gets a bright green/yellow spark (different from the other Weasleys whose eyes are a brown/hazel)
Personality: Mischievous, happy, prankster, Fred and George's closest sister.
Relatives: sister to: Ginny, Ron, Fred, George, Percy, Charlie, and Bill Weasley. Daughter of: Arthur and Molly Weasley.

Chapter 1


"So, as I was saying, mum. I am Head Boy now--" My older brother, Percy was saying
"Perce, shut up about being the Head Boy!" I moaned, cutting in.
"Ashlyn, be quiet! I think you should be happy that your brother is Head Boy this year." my mum, Molly Weasley, said.
"Yes mum..." I muttered. The whole family and I were standing by one of the pyramids of Giza, about to take a picture, when Percy started to blab his mouth of the possibility of being the Minister of Magic. Again.
"Say Pyramids!" the camera man called and all of us Weasleys chimed in and he took the picture. I instantly ran over to see the picture, with my bothers Fred and George right beside me. The three of us were practically triplets, we always finished each others sentences when talking with others and we were only seen away from each other when we were in classes at Hogwarts.
"What's it look like?" the three of us said and the camera man showed us the picture. We smiled, it looked really good and you could see us mouth 'pyramids' and saw Scabbers, my brothers rat, wiggle around.
"Going to be in the Daily Prophet, that is." the man said. Our dad had won 700 Galleons in the Daily Prophet Annual Grand Prize Draw so that's how we afforded to come here and visit Bill and Charlie.
"Ashlyn, come on!" my only sister Ginny called, she was the youngest of us all.
"Comming, Ginn!" I said and followed after her and the others. We were just heading back to The Burrow in an hour or two so we were probably headed to pack up at Bill's. I followed Fred and George into the house and instantly ripped off my hat-thing.
"Why is it so hot out there?" I moaned and fell back onto the small couch. My twins flopped down on either side of me.
"I think a million wizards use incendio in the sky." George muttered
"Exactly, brother." Fred agreed and used his own hat-thing as a super long fan for his face.
"Go pack, you three!" dad said. We all sighed heavily and walked over to our room. Since I was their sister and we were practically triplets (even though I'm two years younger), we could stay in the same room. We usually stayed up at night anyways.
"Oi! Charlie! Can you use magic for us for a moment?" I asked my eldest brother, Charlie as he walked by. He stopped and poked his head into the room and saw the huge mess of prank-prototypes everywhere. His eyebrow raised. The three of us shrugged and he rolled his eyes.
"Fine," he said and walked into the room, pulling out his wand and pointing all around the room.
"Pack!" He said and all of our things (that were clean and unbroken, like clothes and such) was launched into our bags.
"Thanks, Charlie!" Fred and George called as he walked out of the room. He just rolled his eyes again and walked over to his own room to pack.
"So who do we prank first when we get back to school?" I asked, flopping down onto my bed across from theirs (which was so not fair since theirs was, like, three times bigger than mine).
"I believe we head for Malfoy." Fred said
"Indeed." George said with a grin. I smiled, too. Mum kept yelling at Fred and George about pranking, especially Draco Malfoy since he usually told his father and got them in trouble so I had never pranked him before. Mum finally said yes to my pestering so I could go prank him (very surprising, letting one of her children prank on her say).
"What do we do to him?" I asked, my evil thirteen year old mind was already planning ways to prank Malfoy.
"Dy his hair red." they said instantly with wide grins.
"Have you done that yet?" I asked, they shook their heads. My eyes widened. "Seriously? I would assume that would be the first thing you two would do to him." I added.
"Naw, first thing we did was trip him and made him fall into Hermione's arms." George said. Hermione Granger was one of my friends, along with Harry Potter, but they were mostly Ron's friends. Ronnie and I are in the same year, third year this year. (I'm older than Ronnie, but he pretends to be older than me. I'm older by a day, though)
"I remember that! Ha! 'Mione freaked." I said with a laugh
"Ok, so we are agreed to dy his hair red, Weasley Red." Fred said, George and I nodded
"Agreed." and it that was the planning of the prank.

Ok, so I hope anyone who reads this likes it cuz i'm writing another story (Prankster in Hufflepuff? Impossible! (Weasley twin (mostly fred) and cedric diggory love triangle story) and draco is the main characters cousin so i might get confused sometimes XD so warn me if it doesn't sound good. Gimme 2 or 3 comments and I'll launch the next chapter.

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