read read read!! (important to everyone who reads this title)


Chapter 1


by: Bye_____
Okay so quibblo gave me my account back (muchas gracias)
and now i have 3 accounts BUT i am deleting MillieBieberx in a few moments.

and i will keep 2 accounts
1. - StayStrongx for quizzes and things
2. StayStrongx for stories

because i do not like cluttering up my thingson my profile and i already made a few stories on here and no quizzes and only 1 story on the other and tons of quizzes

and i felt that it was best because some people only read stories and some only do quizzes.

warning though i will invite you to lots of things on my other account, but quibblo is for making quizzes so please dont complain. im only doing it to stop boredom.

okay so friend my other account

and also check this out do as much quizzes as you want (or can)

i hope you guys have fun,

if you want to message me, do it on either account i will reply on both,

I love you


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