Oh my geezus (About Quibblo deleting my account) PLEASE READ! IMPORTANT!

Chapter 1


So today,i was reading a story and I go to add a comment...well it shows a message to me, and the gist of it is this:

"Your account has now been terminated by a Quibblo administrator and deleted. You have not follwed the term and service plus regulations, so your account has been deactivated. Please msg us if you think something has been done wrong and you feel like you should get your account back or that there has been a mistake."

I nearly fhucking flipped out and pissed my pant you guys. I kept trying to log in, and ot kept saying something about my account being deleted. I tried making new ones but it told me b/c my previous account had been terminated, I wasn't allowed to sign up. -.-
So, Nora made me a new account and everything. I was seriously flipping out though. I sent Quibblo FAQ a serious letter about the deletion and asked why I had been terminated. I guess they took my complaint into deep consideration or saw that it was a mistake. I come back on my new account again to find that my account has come back from being deleted and is rebooted. The only thing is, all my personal stories and crap were deleted completely, but that's okay.

Alrighty, well, I am going to keep the second account just in case something like this crap happens again, so tell all your friends to add me on that one too. I needed a backup anyway. I will still be doing all group stories. Sorry to alarm you with my termination. I was going nuts, just ask Nora! We were texting about it. But yeah, so I'm back on both.

I wanna say thanks to Nora b/c she helped me alot. :)

Wow, this has been an interesting experience.

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