Please please read this! It's extremely important!!

Chapter 1


First, read this:

Yeah well... I kinda agree with her. Quibblo is really turning into someplace nasty. And i don't like it.

I'm thinking about leaving... Again. I love you guys all so much. You've helped me, and especially now I couldn't appreciate you guys more.

I honestly don;t deserve you guys. At all. And don't argue with me. At all. I don't deserve anyody as perfect as you.

So... I'm leaving. I'm really sorry. You guys can send me good-bye messages, but please don't comment on this story. You still have a lot of ways you get to me.

I will still read your stories and take your quizzes.

If you want me to take something of yours, e-mail it to me at:

Please e-mail me :] Only Sabrina has continually e-mailed me, and I really appreciate it.

You can also reach me on quizzaz:

Wattpad (But I don't get on much):

PLEASE e-mail me! I really love talking to you guys!!

And I'm sorry :'[

So here are the good-bye notes to the people I really care about:

Ella- You haven't beein on in forever :'[ I don;t know if you left quibblo ro something, but I'll really miss you

Simone- I really love talking to you. Your really an amazing person and I love you.

Achylis- Keep up the good work! I love talking to you. And promise never to put that pencil/ruler to your arm again!!

Sabrina- Your really awesome :] I'm gonna miss you, but hopefully you'll still e-mail me a lot! Love you!

Katie- Your the best person in the world. i love you so much. please e-mail me because I love taliing to you. Please keep wrotong and I love you!

Izzy- Please e-mail me. i love you SOO much. And tbh... you were one of the people I was talking about when i said I felt like my friends ere choosing iother people over me. I love you lots and... Thank you for helping!!

Trin- You helped me so much!! I love you so much Trin.. Thank you for being like a mother to me. Always be youand please e-mail me because your aweosme and I love talking to you. I love you!!

Sarah- last, but not least. I love you so much! Your really awesome. I'll miss you, please e-mail me!!

and to everyone else... Thank you for being my firends. i love you so much and I will never forget about you. You will probably be the last people on my mind when I'm on my death bed. i love so much, and remember, never loose hope! I love you guys!!


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