Up In The Air (a One Direction love story)

Hi guys, this is my first fan-fic so I hope you guys like it!
(I'm Australian so I might say words like 'stockings' instead 'leggings' or 'tights' so please bear with me)
Okay, here it is...

Name: Dakota Tyler
Age: 18
Appearence: Green eyes
Straight, elbow length, light brown hair
Long side fringe

Chapter 2


They walked in, laughing, chatting. One Direction. Slowly one by one, I think they were starting to notice me. They all gave me a smile, but a certain blonde, blue eyed boy gave me a smile I would never forget. He stepped forward when I stood up from my seat. The delicate late afternoon light shon on his face, his eyes were like calm waters.
"Hi. I-I-I forgot we were travelling with someone else," he stumbled. He turned around to the boys for reasurance but they all just shook their heads. I giggled. Harry came closer and shook my hand.
"Hi," he said more confidently than Niall, "I'm Harry and this is Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam."
His smile was...memerizing. But I always found myself looking at Niall.
"I'm Dakota.," I simply replied.
We all settled down into our seats and the seat plan was that Niall and I would sit in the middle, Harry and Louis would sit on the right side then Zayn and Liam would sit on the left. After some small talk, Liam asked:
"Why are you going to London?"
"Obviously for the weather, du'h," Louis added as he pretended to twirl his hair. Niall laughed his signature laugh but his face didn't turn red.
"Yeah, I got a job in London in interior designing so they payed for my ticket and given me a fully furnished apartment," I explained.
"But what's the catch?" Zayn asked. It was weird that I didn't know.
"I don't...know," I slowly said. He just shrugged.
"Well, anyway congrats," he said. Suddenly a voice boomed through the plane.
"Welcome passengers, this is your captain speaking..."
Then it went on normally about the flight duration and all the other stuff. Quickly the surge of the plane moving made me jump a bit. Louder and louder, the engines started up and I began to feel nervous. Last time I was on a plane, I was eight and tehn I had my dad to hold my hand. Ten years later, I still need him. The plane postioned itself on the runway. My heart thumped hard against my chest that it hurt.

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