Remember Me- A Harry Styles Love Story

Remember Me- A Harry Styles Love Story

I just thought i'd go and put out a sad story with a happy ending. It just kind of came to me like a movie. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did writing it. Comments and criticism is always welcomed. Love to hear from you all! Enjoy :)

Chapter 1


by: 1D4Life
November 14th, 2011- 8:10 p.m

"Oxygen mask! I need an oxygen mask!"
"Heartbeat's speeding up; I don't know how much time--"
"Hook her up to an IV. Hurry!"
There was screaming everywhere. Then it grew quieter and quieter. My eyes started to close and I could feel the life get sucked out of me.
"Everything's going to be fine, don't worry. Keep your eyes open, whatever you do just keep them open!" I turned my head slowly, my energy was draining quickly.
I looked over in a daze and everything was blurry. I couldn’t keep my eyes open for much longer, though I could tell I was in an ambulance, but why?
"Her eyes are closing, keep the gauze on her head and arm, it's still bleeding." I heard a rushed voice say. I could see the wires and chords dangle in the air and my eyes shut. Everything went black.

8:45 p.m.

"She's awake." I heard a voice say. I woke up to an all white and bright lit room. I looked down at my arm and I was hooked up to an IV bag and there were tubes in my nose. I felt the gauze on my forehead and my upper arm bandaged.
"Where, where am I?" I asked in whisper.
"You're in the hospital." A young guy said; I looked around.
"You were in an accident." Another young guy came up.
"I was?" I was so confused. Did I know these people? There were 4 four of them. One with black hair and dark eyes, one with blonde hair and blue eyes, one with feathered brown hair and crystal blue eyes, and one with brown-blonde hair and brown eyes.
"You don’t remember?" The feathered hair one said. I shook my head.
"Who are you?" They each looked at each other and looked worried all of a sudden.
"You don't know who we are?" The blonde one said. I shook my head again.
"Oh my god. Harry, oh Harry. What are we going to do?" He started to freak out and put his hands on his head and the black haired one wrapped him into a hug to calm him down and walked him out of the room. The two remaining looked like they were about to freak but they kept their cool.
"What's your name?" The brown eyed one asked.
"Emily." I said.
"Can you guess who we are?" He asked. I studied their faces trying real hard to figure out who they were but gave up.
"No." I whispered. The feathered hair one walked out without saying a word and the other one looked at me and then followed after him. A nurse came in shortly after they left and I thought she might know.
"Who were those people?" I asked.
"The boys who just left?" I nodded.
"I'm not sure. Do you know why you are here?" I shook my head.
"You were in a car accident. You and another boy were in it."
"Who?" I asked.
"I don't know but he's in another room, I know that much." She asked me a few questions before leaving and I sat there in the white, bright lit room all alone. Why can't I remember?

Harry's P.O.V

"Harry! Oh thank god you're awake." Louis came in a rush and immediately came to my side.
"Where's Emily?" I asked.
"Oh man I can't believe this! We should've been with them." Niall panicked.
"They were on a date. Why would we be there?" Zayn said. I watched the two of them argue back and forth and I just stared at them from my chair.
"What?" They stopped fighting and looked at me from the front of the room.
"You know why you're here right?" Liam asked. I nodded.
"I'm not injured. Just a few scrapes, I'll be out by morning." I said, "Now where's Emily?" They still wouldn’t answer.
"Is she home?" They shook their heads, "Then where is she?"
"Down the hall." Louis said not even looking at me. I sprung up from my chair and sprinted out the door.
"Which room?" I said. Louis pointed to it and I ran down the hall and stopped in front of the door. Tears started to well up in my eyes and I covered my mouth with my hand and swallowed hard while walking over to her.
"Emily?" I said softly kneeling beside her and holding her hand.
"Who are you?" She asked. The tears started to fall harder now.
"Harry, your boyfriend." I struggled to say.
"Boyfriend?" I nodded.
"You don't remember me?" She put a hand on my cheek and I held it. She shook her head.
"Do you remember the band?" She shook her head again and I couldn’t believe this. I rose slowly from her bedside and walked out; I couldn’t take anymore after that.

Louis was in the lobby with the others when I met up with them.
"Did she…" I shook my head.
"She'll remember Haz, don't beat yourself up about it." Zayn said.
"She won't. I spoke to the doctor; they said she might never remember." The words tasted bitter on my tongue.
"Are you gonna help her remember?" Louis asked.
"There's no point." I said.
"There is though. If you really loved her you would sit by her side and help her regain her memory, not just let her forget." Liam argued.
"She was miserable anyway. We've been flying here and there; I was never with her for the first month of us dating. I'm surprised we lasted this long." I hollered.
"Haz, you know that's not true. You two loved each other more than anything, don't just give up."
"I'm not. Let's just go home and be done with this." I walked right through them jamming my fists into my pockets and walked out into the cold night.

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