Sherlock Holmes: Strange Mysteries

My boyfriend let me borrow a book of his, I've read it up and got some ideas for this. This won't be a normal mystery though...not at all.

Chapter 3

In the Dark

At dusk Holmes and Watson met up again at the Paine household.
"Does the miss know we're coming?" Watson asked.
"Oh course not, Watson, I except she must be asleep at this hour. We are here simply to observe. If my hypothesis is correct this 'Mr.Paine' should be up and about now, doing whatever it is his wicked mind commands."
"How will we know what he's up to?"
"We enter the house. Like this," Holmes pushed open the door. "Just as I suspected, she keeps the door unlocked. Now follow me Watson, and quietly."
Watson followed Holmes up to steps (Holmes instructed him on which one to skip because of the loud squeak it produced) and into Mr. Paine's bedroom. "Just as I suspected." Holmes said. "He's gone." Indeed the bed was empty.
"Where has he gone?"
"Shh, Watson! I hear something. Hide!" They both hid in the darkest corners of the room.
A shallow-faced man walked into the room. He began pacing across the room as if wondering what to do next. He also muttered strange things to himself in another language. Holmes simply nodded to Watson to show that this was their man. A few moments later another pair of footsteps could be heard scurrying down the hallway. As soon as the man heard this he leaped back into bed and covered himself with blankets. She walked over to the bed and started talking to the non-responsive man. "Oh Harold, for a moment I thought you were with me again. I've just had the strangest dream about you. It's about that day with the apparition. I believe that it wasn't really one after all. I think it was a person. Perhaps you! Oh dear..." She rested her head on his chest and began weeping. "Tomorrow I'll tell Mr. Holmes about this. Maybe they know about this kind of thing. If not, maybe they'll at ;least know something about your case by now." She started to cry again. A quarter of an hour later she got up, sniffled, and then left the room for good.
After five minutes of her being gone Holmes nodded to Watson that it was time to go. They left as quietly as they had come.
The next morning on Holmes' doorstep there was a letter from the miss requesting a visit.

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