Sherlock Holmes: Strange Mysteries

My boyfriend let me borrow a book of his, I've read it up and got some ideas for this. This won't be a normal mystery though...not at all.

Chapter 2

I've Got a Plan

The day after my first visit on Baker Street Mr. Holmes and Doctor Watson came to visit my fiance and myself at our home. After a few minutes of Dr. Watson checking for his pulse he moved his hand away from Harold's neck. "Well this is strange. Strange indeed. As you told us earlier, he is passes out, but still alive. He might be in a coma, but with the lax medical care here, it's very likely he would be dead by now."
"So what do you think is going on then?"
"I haven't the slightest clue. I've never seen a case like this before. Holmes, what's your opinion on this?"
"Miss, do you have a picture of Mr. Paine?"
"Yes," I pulled a picture of Harold out of my purse. "I don't see why you need it though when he's right here."
"I may be able to tell you later." He held the picture up to the light. "Now, when was this picture taken?"
"I believe it was taken near Christmas, so quite some time ago."
"You don't have any newer pictures, do you?"
"No sir."
"Very well. This will have to do then. Watson, step out into the hall with me. Miss, stay and watch over Mr. Paine to make sure there aren't any changes."


"Holmes, have you figured it out?" Watson asked.
"Only part. That man in the bed is most certainly not the man in this picture."
"Why do you say that?"
"Watson, as a doctor I would expect you to pay much more attention than you do. Remind me to search for another if I am ever in the need for medical assistance. To answer your previous question, this cannot be the same man as the man in this picture. The man in the picture clearly has a large mole on his neck. The man in the bed does not. Now, there is a small percentage of chance that this woman would be as weak of eyesight as you as well. His neck has been covered very well with makeup. Make up to make a mole. When you went to check the man's pulse your finger nudged the mole just enough to move it more than an inch. Correct me if I am wrong, which I rarely am, but moles do not move. They stay in the same place all the time, even when nudged."
"That is all very well, but if this isn't Mr. Paine, how do we know who it is? How do we know how he remains non-responsive."
"Another obvious answer. As for the identity, it could be a twin, or maybe a close relative. For the apparent comatose, he could be faking it."
"Faking it? How?"
"The miss left to see us the other day. He could have easily gotten up to eat, bathe, or do whatever else he needs to during that time. I'm sure she must leave the house on other occasions as well, so this man must have plenty of opportunities to do what he must. It would be fairly easy to pull off actually."
"Should we tell her what we've found out then?"
"Not yet. Let her keep with him. Don't diminish her hopes. I have a plan and I'll be needing your help."
"At what hour and where?"
"Tonight at dusk. Here will do."
"Very well."

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