Sherlock Holmes: Strange Mysteries

My boyfriend let me borrow a book of his, I've read it up and got some ideas for this. This won't be a normal mystery though...not at all.

Chapter 12


Mr. McFlanniky met with Holmes as promised .They left briskly into the woods where the claimed witch siting was.
The forest seemed the same as many others. There were thick tall trees densely packed together to make one huge forest. There were broken branches and twigs on the ground, all the normality of the woods.
Holmes and Watson tripped many times as they followed Mr. McFlanniky though the crowded forest. "This hardly seems like an area to hunt it. We can barely walk." Watson yelled out since Mr. McFlanniky was meters ahead of them.
"You men obviously have no proper outdoors-men training then. Any learned man of nature can walk through this with ease. It makes the area perfect for hunting, as the unskilled hunters will stay away. That leaves more game for me." Holmes kept walking although he still stayed with his disbelief.

After another quarter of an hour of navigating thought the forest Mr. McFlanniky came to a abrupt stop. "Here it is. I'm sure of it."
Holmes looked around. It was hardly distinguishable from the surrounding area. He didn't question though as he could see that on the ground there as a dried pile of something. It was like a whiter powder, but still with the brown traces of dried up blood. It smelled terrible as well, like rotting sewage left in the hot sun all day.
Watson looked disgusted as Holmes went down to touch the substance. He inhaled in and then wiped his hand on his coat. "
"Have you any clue what it is?" Mr. McFlanniky asked.
"Powder and blood, no doubt."
"So you can see that witches were here concocting a potion?" He seemed too excited.
"Not exactly." Mr. McFlanniky's mile turned to a frown. "Not to worry. Tonight I will test this powder to see what it is. I will be back in 29 or so days to spy on the going-on's of this place."
"29 days? Why wait that long?"
"Yesterday when this happened it was a full moon, do you not see coincidence in that? I will send you a letter once I figure out what this powder is and I will contact you again after the next full moon to tell you all that I have seen. Will that do for you?"
Mr. McFlanniky let out a grumble. "I suppose so. Now, lets get out of this place. It's starting to get dark."

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