Sherlock Holmes: Strange Mysteries

My boyfriend let me borrow a book of his, I've read it up and got some ideas for this. This won't be a normal mystery though...not at all.

Chapter 1

Telling My Story

It was a strange day when I came to inquire for his help. There had been a tragic upsetting in my life recently. I had needed his help for he was the best detective in all of England. It would take the best to solve the mystery.
I made my way up to the house on Baker Street. I was greeted and then sent into a main room where I found Mr. Holmes and another man lounging in front of a fire place. They seemed to have been in deep conversation until I walked into the room. "Sorry for interrupting you, if there's a better time I can come back," I tired to apologize.
"No, not a problem at all. Hello, take a seat. As you probably already know I am Sherlock Holmes and this is my friend Dr. John Watson. I hope you don't mind if he stays while you tell your story. If it bothers you I can have him leave."
"No, it's fine if he stays," I said, taking my seat. "The more to hear the story the better."
"Wonderful, carry on then." He sunk into his chair and lit his pipe as he waited for me to start.
"Well, you are may have read in the papers my husband to be, Harold Paine, is very sick with some unknown ailment."
"That doesn't sound strange at all," He interrupted. "People fall ill everyday. What is so special about this case?"
"It;s not the illness that's strange, it's the events that followed. I was to meet him out on a meadow one day for some lunch. I got there early to set up. Now, he didn't appear for some time after he was supposed to get there. I didn't get worried at first, he's usually not very punctual as is. I started to worry once it got to about half and hour past, but then he walked in. he stumbled from out of the woods and came towards me. When he got over to me he fainted and I caught him, but as he reached my hands he slipped right through my fingers, like dust, into the ground. The odd thing is, besides all that, was that before he turned to dust he dropped a small paper tied with a red bow. I've looked at it since, but it only had five black ink dots on it. No specific pattern, just five dots of the same size all in a row.
"Now, you can imagine how frightened I was. I rushed back to my home, but the story gets even more odd yet. I rushed into my bedroom, and my fiancee was in bed, fast asleep. I would have thought he were dead if I hadn't checked for his breathing. I tried to wake him but he wouldn't budge. I decided to remain calm once more because he's not the lightest sleeper in the world. But, you see, the next morning he didn't awake either. It's been three days since then, he's still sleeping."
"Have you checked to make sure he's still alive?"
"Yes, I've checked his breathing every chance I get. It hasn't changed from that first day. It's shallow and soft. You can't notice it by looking, he looks dead, but if you put your hands on him you can feel it."
"Watson, what's your opinion on this, medically?"
"It just seems like he's in a stage of comatose."
"I figured as much, but how does that explain the apparition I saw?"
"That's where the mystery begins."
"Are you prepared to take this case on for me Mr. Holmes."

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