Read This...If You Wanna.

Nothing important, per say.

Chapter 1

Running out of things to put in this title box...

Read the bolded words after you read the sentences.

I know love is giving someone the ability to hurt you, but trusting them not to. And I know the moment may only last a few seconds, but the memories of it will last a lifetime. I know you cannot love someone with whom you never laugh. I know there’s not a good story out there without romance. I know you mean well, with good intentions, and you are the world to some people, like me. I know that my parents wouldn’t let me talk about you all night. But they would let me invite you to dinner. You can run away, if you want, into the dark caves of loneliness, but I’d advise somewhere closer to my heart. Try to find love. But love is only a word until you find someone that gives it a definition. If you can find someone that is right for you, do you want it to be me? I have love for you that will stay in my heart forever. Just remember, I love you.


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