i reposted this because LollypopsAndRainbows asked me to and i agree with everything here. hate if you want but i want Quibblo to be safe

Chapter 1


by: Bye_____
As you know i try my hardest to keep posers from quibblo but i cant stop them. no one can except the police on i called the police on everyone i suspected that was fake and they are being tracked right now.

Hate on me or dont believe me but i dont care. im doing this for you guys and for my 9 year old cousin who uses this website, a poser has offered to meet her from quibblo and i feel like no matter what anyone does quibblo is always going to be a horrible mean place fulled with fakes and haters.

Im not giving up. i will stop all of this eventually.

Just imagine this:

Someone close to you who is under 12: meets up with a 'celebrity' they thought they were talking to on quibblo. the celebrity turns out to be a paedophile. meets this person and steals their virginity and any chance of a future they might have and then takes the childs life.

Imagine you oculd have helped stop that by stopping the fakes on quibblo.

Please help make childrens lifes safer.
it could be you next.

there are many stories about people pretending to be celebrities and then raaping children.

No matter how convincing they are. they are most likely fake. can you honestly imagine them having the time to fulfil a career and have time to sit on quibblo all day? because i cant. i know they go on twitter but not constantly.

Unless the celebrity actually admits in a video about their site it is more than likely fake.
and i have asked them to post videos but they dont because they 'dont have time' but they have the time to sit on quibblo talking all day and they cant video a 20 second video.

Message to celebrities on quibblo:

im sure if you are real you do not want to hurt or upset your fans. so make a video proving you are real and thats all the drama over and done with, just a quick video saying
"My quibblo account is"
and you dont have to post it to everyone just post so that only people can see that you are real.

ill stop being mean to you if you prove you arent a threat to me or any one else on this site. make quibblo a place for kids again

-by FakeBusters13

please everyone repost this.


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