You Used Me. (Liam Payne Love Story)

This is a Liam Payne Love Story. Danielle DOES still exist. Has more drama that way and she doesn't deserve the hate she gets because she's dating Liam.

Chapter 1

Alexandra Thalia De Wolfe

Hi, my name is Alexandra Thalia De Wolfe! You can call me Allie though. The picture is me and my friend City (Felicity) took that picture. I'm 19 years old and my favourite colour is silver, my favourite animal is a wolf, my favourite food is cookies and my favourite drink is Pepsi. My best friends are City, Rissa (Marissa), and Jamie. My style is quite laid back and comfy. I like wearing baggy hoodies and polos. I dress like a boy, usually, but sometimes I can girl it up a little bit. I hate the colour pink and I hate frilly clothes and dresses.

Peace <3

Bye Beauties <3 x


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