The Greatest Story Ever Created

The Greatest Story Ever Created

The Greatest Story Ever Created.....

Chapter 1

The Beginning and The End

by: maloboy
Once upon a time, Cheabacca was playing with his jelly belly, when suddenly
Kenny came along and offered him some special medications. Kenny had ruined Cheabaccas‚ plan of playing with his jelly belly all day. Cheabacca was weary, but accepted his offer, since he had a cold. Then out of no where Beavis and Butthead came into action in this story, and wanted in on the special medication too. The only problem was that Cheabacca and kenny were so worried about their cold that they had finished all the special medication. So Cheabacca and kenny ended up a bit drowsy, and Beavis and Butthead said‚ “this sucks more than anything that has ever sucked before,” and left sadly to conquer the world. Kenny was then beaten up by Kartman for no apparent reason. Then afterwards all of a sudden all three fine gentlemen came up with a dream. They asked each other; what if we can convert all people back into, just like the land before time, back into monkeys, so we can have world peace? All of them agreed, especially Cheabacca, since he was already an ape.

So, they traveled around the world, looking for the secrets of converting humans to monkeys. On their expedition, they encountered many journeys, and created many friends, until they found “The Beam of Doom.” They eventually converted every human into monkeys, and had thought that they had created Universal Peace. Then all of a sudden Kenny concluded that he and everybody else looked funny. Unfortunately kenny stated to Cheabacca that he and his people looked funny and Cheabacca got insulted and ate Kenny. The only thing remaining of kenny was his sweatshirt. Then the others stated, “Oh no they killed Kenny.” Cheabacca had ended the dreamy friendship. The princess Pheona had been attracted to kenny ever since he had turned into a loving and adorable little monkey. Everything she knew about kenny was that he wore a bright orange sweatshirt. When she found the bright orange sweatshirt in Cheabaccas house her eyes were filled with sorrow. She assumed of the events that had occurred to kenny and had begged Cheabacca to eat her so she would be able go to live with her beloved kenny in heaven once more. Cheabacca did as he was told.

An average Joe's perspective of the U.S Named joe, Experience towards the greatest catastrophe: It is February 27, 2013, we are running low on supplies, I don’t no how much time we can sustain with life. It has been almost three months, since the incident that change the course of history. Everybody in this camp of surviving few has putrid odors, since we cant afford to bathe. In this new world water is like liquid gold.

It was a normal December afternoon, cold and dry in the city of sins of Las vegas Nevada. Everyone was in the average rush of the holidays, struggling in last minute shops for food and presents for christmas. The gas was at a record high at $5.75 dollars per gallon. Everything seemed to be going wrong in the world, World war three, the economical depression, the swine flu epidemic. This is what happened: I had heard some rumors going around, that three local geniuses from South Park were trying to convert all of humanity back into monkeys, to create universal peace. All I ever thought of it was that it was nonsense, but then I saw live broadcasts in the news confirming these events. Not much later the whole earth shook, with a loud bang and everybody was turned into monkeys. The world went into chaos, because we lost the capacity to keep the world fed with bananas. Their is only very few left, but this isn't the worst news yet, not even close. The worst news kenny stated to Cheabacca, that he and his people looked funny and Cheabacca got insulted and ate Kenny. Cheabacca had ended the best friendship their ever was, even before the land before time, so at least this is my opinion. So you thought kenny had actually died no! Of course not he had not ended his friendship. Kenny had only pretended to be eaten, but after he found his beloved sweatshirt, he asked Cheabacca to eat him this time for reals. Cheabacca did as he was told. Chebacca and kenny now live in in everlasting happiness in heaven. These events are based on a true story from ancient records to be known as The Greatest Story Ever Created. If you look up at the sky closely you can actually see kenny and Cheabacca glowing in the stars in everlasting love. If you don't believe me look at the stars for yourself, just make sure you look very carefully.
The End.......


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