the dark   assassin

the dark assassin

now this is kinda a love yet wicked amazing story. ireally hope you enjoy this, its my latest idea.

Chapter 1

he says good bye

i stood upon the door mat of hell. caught between life and dead. " oh god," i cried aloud , " how did i become this way so desperatwe to seek out the truth im willing to give up everything!?"
i sat down onto the blistering hot rocks tucked my head between my knees and began to cry. and as i cried i began to hear a song past the gates, a song he sang to me the first time we kissed. our song, after our first fight... i wiped away my tears and tried to hear cleaer, shake my mind of all of the sorrow soiling my heart and soul. it was the song, by bon jovi...i'll be there for you.
i stood up and finished wiping away my tears as the song got louder. i started to walking slowly ito the gates of hell, a smile crossing my face as i begin to sing the main course of the song in tiume with how ever else was singing. " i'll be there for you these five words i swear to you when you breathe i wanna be the air for you. " i was running, the fire engulfed land scaped ate at me, the lava festering out of cracks of the path way stung my bleeding feet, but i kept on running. " i live and id die for you id steal the sun from the sky for you words cant say what love can do i'll be there for you." the music stopped playing, i stood there alone fire, hell was engulfing me.
"Artemis," the voice called from ahead of me omewhere. i began to run and as i ran i yelled, " Jeremy! jeremy where are you?" and then i saw him leaning against the only living tree, his ankle chained to its base his guitar in hand, he was smiling at me. but something was very wrong.
i ran over and tried to hug him but a invisble force kept blocking my way. he smiled saddly and said ," its ok artemis.. you cant touch me here."
" why not!" i sscreamed tears falling down my cheeks rapidly now, as i placed my hand against the force field, he placed his hand on the other side.
" because your not dead, my love," he whispered his eyes of brown changing to a dark more militant shade, almost menacing.
" but neither are you, " i whimpere and he shook his heas and said, " ive never been alive art... im a vampire, an assassin of death, and although i have failed my master, i do truely love you artemis. if you find the men whi impriosned me here, we can be together again.. but you cant do it living. "
then out of no where he lept through the force field grabbed ahold of my shoulders and bit in to my neck, i began to scream and i fell upon the ground. i began to twich the vemon was sinking and slipping its way into my veins and body. i began to cry and then nothing..all was black.
i opened my eyes later, i was in the middle of our city's park on east linn street. i flexed my fingers and smiled at my reflection in a pouddly the rain had made, a beautiful young lady with fangs smiled at me for a spilt second then she vaniched. i lept up into the air and began to jump from tree to tree. i laughed heartidly , it was amazing. i noticed a young man walking the street i jumped down and landed before him... i saw his neck and went for it.
i wiped the red from my lips and left his body there, i looked up to the moon and said, " i promise you my love, jeremy, i will set you free."


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