Most People Think I'm Boring ~A Harry Potter Story

Shaylee "Shay" Corrupp
Slightly wavy, light brown/dirty blonde hair, stone gray eyes. Fair skin tone, nude lips. Polite, pretty looking. Many would describe her as plain and tall. Normal body size.
Shay is a muggle-born girl, lived in America but was sent a letter when she was 11. Shaylee spent the first year at an American school, but switched schools because it wasn't as advanced as the other schools. Her family tried Hogwarts after Beauxbaton, and seemed to like it. This is her story.

Chapter 1

"You're quite a mysterious."

After telling my mom and dad goodbye, I climbed onto the train. It was very large and colored maroon red. Looked quite silly, if you ask me; like something straight out of a fairytale. I received glances while passing every open compartment. Some were glances from interested boys, others from jealous looking girls, and then the regular happy people. I just smiled and stared straight ahead. The second I look down at my feet, I run into something. It was a cart being pushed by a rather plump women with a scottish accent. She was selling candy. I wish I got caught in another part of the train. This part was a bit dark, filling with snobby looking students and some of them were wearing green and silver robes. She seemed in such a rush! Her cart knocked me bottom down into the compartment next to me. Inside, there was a handsome boy with blonde hair, a pug-faced snobby girl, and a dark skinned boy.
"Oh, dear! Pardon me, I'm so very sorry! Of course you seemed a bit out of it, but let me help you up!" As I reached out to grab the candyseller's hand, the blonde boy spoke up.
"It's ok. I've got it." He looked at me with a scary smirk on his face. The women nodded and continued hollering down the train that hasn't even began to move yet.
"Let me help you up..." He had a tough British accent. Every student did, which made me, an American, feel a bit left out.
"Thanks" I say with a smile while brushing myself off. Still holding my hands up, his eyes open wide.
"Oh, looks like we've got an American here in Hogwarts, do we now?" I nod uncomfortably. I just wanted to get out of there. Even if he was handsome, he made me feel...misplaced...and there was a harshness surrounding them all. Honest? It made me want to run to cry, because by then, the dark-skinned guy was vulgarly looking me up and down, the pug-faced girl[somebody named Crabbe called Pansy] was grinning at me and trying to diss me, though to no prevail. Even if it did make me feel very different. After he noticed the look of irritation did the blonde pull me from the compartment and into a vacant, private space in the back of the train.
"Draco! Where are you going?"
"Pansy, seriously, get back in the compartment!"

We were alone in a part of the train I didn't know existed. It was like a little room. 'Draco' politely invited me to sit and said to make myself comfortable. This boy just met me less than 10 minutes ago, yet he was already closing the blinds to the mysterious room. This story is dragging on, isn't it?
"Hi." He says, standing with his back to the door. Hi? Really?
"Hi." I say back, taking the cross body bag off. He walks over to sit down next to me. Even with the blinds closed[even if one was left open] it was incredibly bright in the room and the windows had sunlight pouring through them.
"So..." He says with the same devilish smirk he wore before, "we have....15 minutes before the train departs, let's say we have a little fun?" I smile and laugh at his immaturity and can't help but think how cocky he was. He leans in to kiss me. I subtly push him back.
"Let's talk. " He looks agitated, but gulps and nods.
"I'm Draco Malfoy."
"Shaylee Corrupp. It's pronounced Core-up, not Curr-up."

We talked for about 7 minutes, and I was actually enjoying myself. He seemed calm. Then for the second time he tried to kiss me. This time I didn't resist...he complimented me, and seemed so cute and charming. We talked and joked and I like that he put up with my subtle personality. Most boys got bored with me; I'm not that wil, crazy sporty girl most guys had taste for these days. Only thing that annoyed me was that he seemed so interested in my blood status. He slowly ran his hands down my waist as my hands wandered through his soft, blonde hair.
"Oh, you're good at this!" He says with a grin.
"Oh. Well then I catch on fast, this is the first time I've-"
"Liar!" I smile,
"I swear!"
"Well then," he begins to climb on top of me, "let me show you how it's done..."
Draco begins to climb on top of me, lying me down. It gets louder outside, I think the finishing amount of students getting on the train. Draco pulls my hands, not breaking a very calm but boring kiss, and puts them at the bottom of his shirt. He forces my hand to pull his shirt up. No way. I try to sit up but Draco pushes me down. No, more like forces me down.
"Draco..." I say.
"Shh." I sit up trying to break out of this kiss. But the second I lone my mouth...well, we all know what happens then. I open my eyes, and am, for no particular reason, blown away. In that second in time, my eyes look through the single open blind, barely enough space to see through, and meet with someone else's eye. Bright green, shinier that any other eye I've seen before. It hits me that Draco is nobody. He's playing me like a game, and I need to get out and end it.
"Draco, get off me."
"Draaco." I snap, "Get off me. Please. We're friends. " He comes to a sudden stop. Then looks at me in the eyes, and replies,
"What if I want to be more than friends?"
"Well, I don't think this is the-" He wasn't even listening to me. Because by then he had, once again [Merlin, I need to muscle up.], forces me down.
"Draco!" I attempt to yell some manner into him, but nothing comes out. Maybe because I can feel his lips firmly pressed against mine. We can all make out what happened the second I opened my mouth. He moves his hands down my waist. Out of every first day I've ever had, this one must be the most....nauseating. Nauseating because I like how this feels. But the feeling of violation is pulling me down like two trains on each shoulder. His hands try to pull up my shirt, [], but I slap his hands away. I can barely make out what time it is. Train departs in 2 minutes. Almost everyone should be on by now. I begin to fight him [to no avail.] I grab my wand and cause one of the blinds to shoot up. It is one of the skinny ones you have to get really close to see. I feel his hands undoing my belt. Since it is a weave one, it might save some time. His hands go shooting up my shirt. If he can't take it off, he'll find a loophole.
"Draco." I say strongly, "GET.OFF.NOW."
"No." he answers. I see a tiny group of kids outside the window. It's a log shot, but it could very well save my soul.

Neville Longbottom jumped at the sudden CLICK noise. He looked to the window to find a desperate girl's eyes wife open, and he could tell she was trying to say through her eyes 'Save Me'.
"Ginny!" He calls to the red-headed girl behind him. She didn't hear him. "Ginny!" She snaps her head in his direction.
"Yeah?" He points to the window.
"Look at that girl!" She looks through the window, then turns to Neville with a horrified, angry look on her face. They whip out their wands, although Neville's hand is shaking a bit.
"Alohamora!" The door swings opens. Draco quickly jumps off me, and I sit up, pick up my bag, and try to leave but the red-headed girl stops me. She's so pretty.
"Malfoy.." She snarls. He rolls his eyes at her.
"Weasley, don't you know how to knock? I thought the most those bloodtraitors could teach you children were some manners."
"Shut up, Malfoy." murmurs the quiet boy.
"Longbottom, are you gonna stand up to me?"
"Ye-Yeah! I will! Petrificus Totalus! "
"Expelliarmus!" Draco yells. He disarms Neville. Putting his shirt back on, he rolls his eyes and walks towards the door. He shoves me on his way out.

"Do you want to sit with us?" Ginny offers. I give her a small smile.
"Oh, thanks but no thanks." I smile at her. I wave goodbye. Even after Malfoy tried to play me, I feel happier than ever. Neville and Ginny and I were talking. Ginny's so active and positive and hotheaded, while Neville was thoughtful and adorable and a bit timid. I walked until I found an empty compartment.I sat down, and opened my book. A few minutes passed, then there was a knock on the clear, glass door. It was a tall, skinny boy. He had long and wild black hair, big circular glasses, and a small lightning scar on his forehead. I smiled and nodded my head, implying that he could come in.
"Hi. Er, I was wondering if I could sit in this compartment...mine is full."
I think for a minute, "Yeah, sure." Like everyone else, he was taken aback by my accent.

"so, you're from America?" He asks as he settled down.
"Yeah! Um...where to start? I got a letter to an American wizarding school when I was 11. After a year of learning there, they closed the school because we weren't the other school. Also because there weren't enough students. Then my family and I packed up and went to the next wizarding school they could find, Beauxbaton. I didn't really fit in there, so now I'm here. I guess."
He nods, then gives an encouraging smile.
"Don't worry, you'll love it here. Hogwarts' is my home." I just nodded, because I didn't really want to know a lot about his life right now.
"Hopefully." There was a small silence.
"Soo....what book are you reading?" He asked curiously, obviously trying to start a conversation.
"Oh," I lift up the cover. Alice in Wonderland. Not the kiddie version, the actual book.
"Alice in Wonderland? My cousin Dudley had that book, but he never cared to read it. The story always looked so interested." When I look at him, he's analyzing the cover of the book. I thought of a suggestion, but if it didn't work it would very embarrassing.
"Do you want to read it with me?" He blushes a little bit, but comes to sit next to me. I laugh at his reactions when he reads about the Red Queen. When we look up at each other, we blush and both look back to the book. A tear escapes my eye when we get to the part about what happened to the Mad Hatter, because it reminds me of something terrible that happened to my father and grandpa.
"That's enough." I say with a little smile.
"What? Why?" He replies with worry.
"Because," I close the book, "I want you to save it for later." The green-eyed boy nods, then sits back across from me.
"You didn't have to move." My voice is sweet and quiet. The messy-haired boy looks up at me, confused. Then he leans in, and I resist to back away. His hand reaches for my necklaces.
"These are really there anything inside?" I roll my eyes and smile.
"I wish. There's nothing worth it to be put in there." He smiles at me, and says,
"Well, maybe that'll change." He moves in closer to get a better look at it.
"Here," I pull it over my head, and replace my ponytail. He holds it in his hand and studies it. After talking for a little while more, I feel like I'm boring him.
"Sorry, I'm quite the bore." The beautiful boy looks up with wide eyes.
"Bore? No! I find you quite interesting." When I look at him with a crazy, questionable look on my face, he's blushing like crazy. "You're actually quite a mystery. Whilst you're talking, you seem so thoughtful." I was honestly shocked, because I remember the boy I used to like back in America. James. He thought I was pretty, then I opened my mouth. Suddenly, I had become the most boring person he'd ever known. After our school closed, he went to Durmstrang. I hope he's happy studying his dark arts all by himself.
"Some people think I'm boring." I explain, "so thanks, that means a lot." With a smile on my face, I continue to explain why I think like that. "I'm not crazy and wild, I'm thoughtful and a bit sensible. People don't really stick around enough to see me have fun."
"Well, I think you're just fine. You're actually pretty funny. So, what do you like to-"
"Oi! Boy Who Lived! There's an open seat in our compartment, lets-!" A fiery red-headed boy who looked a lot like Ginny came barging in. When he saw me he came to a sudden stop, only to have a girl with brown eyes and bushy brown hair bang into him, "Oh, I'm sorry. Ronald Weasley. Hermione Granger. Please to meet you."
"Hi!" I say with a smile.
"Could I steal Ha-" The boy who's name starts with Ha cuts him off.
"Um...I'm sorry, but would you mind if I went to go sit with my other friends?" He says. Even if it does make me sad, because I did appreciate his company, I shook my head.
"No, go ahead! I think I'll sit with Ginny and Neville, too." They smile,
"You know Ginny? That's my sister! Stay away from Fred and George, though." Ron says.
"You'll know them when you see them!" When Harry got his stuff out, he left with Ron and Hermione. They said they'll show me Ginny and Neville's compartment. I learned the boy I might have began to fancys' name was Harry Potter, the legendary. That didn't change my opinion on him, but I thought his bravery made him cuter.
"Bye Harry!" I say, and give him a hug. Over his shoulders, Ron is wide-eyed and Hermione is grinning skeptically. It takes him a few seconds to hug back. When I pull back, we're both blushing. Then it hit me. His eyes, those eyes; those are the eyes that stood out from the rest of the crowd, the eye's I'd seen through the blindless window. I said bye to Hermione and waved goodbye to Ron. Then I find Ginny and Neville's compartment.
"Hey." They let me in, and in a few minutes Ginny and I go to the ladies room to change into our robes.
"Merlin, Shay!" Ginny exclaims.
"What? What?" I say, worried.
"You're necklace!" She remembered about my silver tree necklace that I was no longer wearing.

The boy who didn't know my name held my necklace.
The thing I didn't know was that by the end of the year, he'd be the picture blowing me a kiss inside it.


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