Luck of the Irish- a Niall Horan Love Story

Um, yeah. I kinda don't have a description. I got bored, so my amazing mind was put to work for hours. Well, maybe not hours. More like 3 minutes. BUT STILL!
Oh, well, lookie here. It appears I now have a description for this amazing piece of work! :3 Oh! This takes place at Mendota, Illinois. They are there for a week (and possibly longer)

Chapter 1


by: ANCA77
Bianca's P.O.V.
I was wearing my favorite outfit when I found out Shannon and I were going to One Direction's book signing. ( -what Bianca was wearing) Shannon and I finally got to the front of the line when suddenly a girl tried to pull me away and when she let go, I flew across the table and landed with my head on Niall and my feet on Zayn.
"Um...Uh...Sorry," I stuttered while moving very slowly off of them and across the table. Shannon helped me and when I got off the table, I punched the lights out of that girl who made me fall on my crush. Shannon and Liam were staring at each other, not knowing that either of them could see each other anyway. Shannon looked lovestruck, while Liam looked like he was daydreaming about some naughty stuff. >:D Anyway, Shannon twirled around quickly when she felt another fan trying to grab her and take her spot. (Shannon's Outfit- Louis tried to get Liam's attention, but he couldn't manage to do so. Suddenly, Louis screamed "SPOONS!" And not only did Liam snap out of it, but his thumb zipped to the sanctuary of his mouth. Liam's face turned as red as a cherry, and he very quickly took his thumb out of his mouth. Shannon blushed, then she kicked the girl and the girl fell over like a domino, causing the girls behind her to fall. Eventually, Niall and Liam told the security guards what had happened, and we finally got our books signed. But Shannon and I had noticed when we left that we had all the boys' numbers signed in our books, along with a personalized message from each of them, other than just a regular signature. Niall had put in my book, "You looked very pretty when I saw you in there. Call me sometime?" Then he had his number. Zayn put-"Vas' Happenin'? You beat the crap out of one of our fans...HA! Love (well, we'll leave that to Niall, hint hint), Zayn! :D" Liam's had-"I don't think that fan girl's nose is very happy...By the way, can you tell you're friend to call me? :)" Louis put "When Liam finally tries to crack a joke, it doesn't work...XP Will you ask you're friend if she likes carrots, please?" And Harry put "You truly are beautiful. Hey I just met you, and this is CRAZY! My name's Harry. So call me maybe! Eh, that didn't work. Oh, well." We ran to Shannon's mom's car and shrieked happily. We took out our phones and I immediately texted Niall while Shannon texted Liam. Niall texted back almost as fast as he got it.
Niall- Hey, person I gave my number! I don't even know your name! :( Tell me!
Bianca- Well, my name is Bianca!! I don't have to ask your name...:)
Niall- Well, I'll txt u back...I have 2 go. Let's meet up sometime. K?
Bianca- Sure! :D
Shannon had already set up a date with Liam, but she told him to go to Marcelloni's (A pizza place in Mendota). Of course, Liam didn't agree, so he told her to go to a thrift store or something to get him a disguise.
Tatyanna's P.O.V.
I was with Paco (short for Francisco) and we saw that crazy ugly girl Bianca walking with Shannon. Guess who they were with? Dudes from One Direction! I got away from Paco and acted single while they passed me. Zayn commented on my outfit. Well, it was a mean comment, but still! I had to call Emily to tell her Zayn was here.
Shannon's P.O.V.
We were walking to Bianca's house and then we saw Tatyanna and Paco while passing the park. We told the boys about them and how Taty literally bangs everything alive and so Zayn made a comment on what she was wearing. (Tatyanna's outfit-
"Don't go around being $luttish! Even if I was your boyfriend for 2 years I wouldn't wanna bang you!!" I could've swore Taty started crying after that.
Once we got to Bianca's house, though, the rage in Bianca's mom's eyes showed that we came at the wrong time.


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