Albus potter and the rise of the last ones.

Chapter 1

The man stood agitated in the clearing, surrounded by many other people who gazed expectantly up at the man. The man had a stubbly face, and greying hair which was once black, he had piercing green eyes which scanned around the crowds. Everybody must have been here already, and yet, the man could not find the right words to tell the people why he had gathered them here right now.
The clearing was surrounded by dark, silhouetted trees which blocked out the stars and let rays of light from the moon emerge from it. The fig was descended low around them so people in the crowd were squinting to see the agitated man.

"Sir, why have you gathered us here?" called a nervous, deep voice from the crowd. The man scanned the place for the speaker. His eyes rested on a tall man, he wore dark robes and had blond hair with dark blue eyes. The man frowned and got up on a big rock. Everybody's gaze averted to him as he cleared his throat.

"I have gathered you here today for crucial information," Said the man. "I am Joshua Crane and I've heard very interesting news regarding Harry Potter." Everybody in the crowd looked interested now as the man said Harry Potter. "Since lord Voldemort was killed nineteen years ago, a lot of us Death Eaters have had to go into hiding," spat the man. "And now, I say we take revenge. Word has spread that the second son of potter is about to enter Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry!"
A whisper carried out through the crowds. "Potter has a son?" "Potter has two sons?" The man, Joshua cleared his throat gain and the whispers died down. All eyes looked back to him.

"We have longed for revenge since the death of the dark lord," Joshua said. "I say it is high time we got that revenge!"

"Vat do you mean?" said an accent from the crowd. Joshua sighed; his nose was frozen from the coldness creeping up on him. He thought it was obvious what he meant. Clearly not to some.

"I say we kill Potter's son!" A great murmuring washed over the crowd. They didn't seem too happy about killing a child.

"Or, sir, we could simply capture the boy and that way potter will have to come to us!" Said a woman's voice now. Joshua huffed. Her idea was much more forward than his had been. If they had his son, Potter would definitely come to him.

"That is true," Joshua said. "Fine! We will capture the boy and make potter come to us. We shall finish out the quest the dark lord never got to finish. We shall, as you say, avenge his death!"
The crowd roared with excitement. Their old leader shall be avenged, Joshua was determined of it. One thought struck him though, how would they get to the boy if he was on the schools grounds? "We'll need a spy, to take the job of the defence against the dark arts teacher. This person shall capture the boy when he is alone. Who shall do it?" Joshua asked.

There was complete silence for a while until a woman's voice rung out. "I will do it!" She said. "I will be the one to capture the boy." She sounded eager to do it. She walked up to the front of the crowd. She had pale white skin, a thin body and dark red hair flowing down silkily past her shoulders, she had deep, warming brown eyes and had an excited look on her face.

"Then, let us rejoice as in a few months time, we shall have our revenge and Harry potter will finally be dead," Joshua said. "We will rule the world; everybody will fear us like they did many years ago! How I have longed for the power one more!" Cheers erupted from the crowed. "Now, Ms-"

"Louise Wilson," she told him.

"Well, ms Wilson, are you ready to become a teacher?" he asked her.

"More ready than I'll ever be!" she replied. Her voice sounded hungry for revenge.

"Okay, now let's discuss the plans," Said Joshua. "Richard, come with us!" A man, who was about a foot taller than Richard came out from the crowd and joined Louise and Joshua. "Richard, ask the Malfoy's about that vanishing cabinet. If it's still there the plan will go perfectly. It's our only way into the school after you've caught the boy," Joshua informed Louise who stared at him slightly perplexed.

"Er... Right," said Richard with his deep, rusty voice. "I'll send an owl first thing tomorrow morning. News will be back by sunset," he added. Joshua nodded in conferment.

"Oh and Louise, don't be afraid to be a little harsh on the two potter boys," Joshua told her. She nodded eagerly at the thought of the two boys being punished harshly at their beloved school. What a shock it will be to them when there's a big twist in their year. Maybe, just maybe, Joshua might be able to watch the school burn to the ground a second time.

Agh! This is so lame. I'll never be able to match the great writing skills of Jo Rowling. I hope you guys enjoyed it though.. FIVE COMMEMTS PLEASE?:)

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