Please Read all Hunger Games Fans!!! (Contest)The 1st Annual Quibblo Games!

This is the first ever Quibblo Games!!! Please enter!
Happy Quibblo Games and may the quizes be ever in your favor!

Chapter 1

Welcome, Welome to The First Annual Quibblo Games!

hello, fellow HG Fans! This is the ultimate Quibblo Games exclusively for you guys, the Quibblo users of North America and the U.K.! This is a writing/drawing contest!

the Contest:

The main idea of this contest, is to capture a moment in the Games. Either by drawing it or writing the POV of a tribute in the Games.

How to enter:

Its up to you if you'd like to enter. if you'd like to enter, comment below or send me a message saying that you want to. If i have more then 24 "tributes" that would like to enter, they will be reaped from a bucket. So if there were about 30 people that would like to enter, the "Games," then i will write down their Quibblo names on pieces of paper and put them all into a bucket and just pick out 24 slips. simple as that. There is no sperate reaping for girls and guys. they are just both randomly drawn in a bucket.


The goal is to capture a moment in the Hunger Games, either with words or a drawing.

If you're entering a drawing:

if you're entering a drawing in the Games, i suggest you message me telling me if you put it in your photo album. You can just scan your drawing in the printer, and upload it into your Album. I'm looking for something realistic and interesting. Using an original character! Put them in a scene of your Hunger Games.

If you're entering a chapter or story:

if you're entering a story, only create one chapter! It should be a scene form YOUR own Hunger Games, with an original character or it can be yourself if you'd like. Just write about ONE scene, not the whole Games!

If any of you have questions PLEASE MESSAGE ME OR COMMENT BELOW! Srry if this is a bit confusing but I hope you have fun! I will anounce the tributes as soon as you guys message me saying you'd like to enter! Please enter if you'd like and yes, there will be prizes if you win! But only ONE Victor! Srry, thats the rules, i really am srry! I'd change it if I could!

The Prizes for the Victor are:
1.) 5 stars on 6 of your stories
2.) 7 positive comments on 7 of your stories
3.) 4 of your stories will be on my favorites
4.) You can request me to write a story, or drawing especially for you! Nothing inappropriate or... you know what I mean!

If there are frequently asked questions, I'll update this with them and resend it to all of you! Please enter and if you do I hope you have fun! :)
Please tell me if you're entering by May 30, the reaping will be held the next day and the tributes will be announced following.

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